Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Disappointed in Registration

I could not believe it.. it was really too much when hubby told me that when he tried to register the birth of our son, he waited for two hours to just find out that it will take 4 more months for the birth registration to be processed.


What????? I said what the heck? what if I wanted to apply passport for my son and register him in my country's embassy for the NSO so that I will also have a copy. You mean for four months we won't be able to get out of India? and if I wanted to take a vacation back to Philippines, I won't be able to do so for this coming December because of their so called slow process.

Up to now they say they are processing the registration of those born in month of July. It's pretty frustrating me because I really wanted to process my baby's passport and register him at the embassy. But I cannot do anything if this will be the case. 

A lot of members I asked in a forum what to do, they say bribery is the solution. I don't like to impose such and never in my mind do I have to use that kind of trick just to solve the problem. I don't do bribery and I will never ask a person to influence fast processing. In fact, I don't think the latter is a good idea at all.

If I only knew how difficult the system here for registration, I would not like to give birth here but everything has a purpose and I cannot just do anything but to depend on God to help us. I may have to be still and be calm because ranting and complaining more can never help me also.

If you are a foreigner, let me just now remind and tell you that if you plan to give birth in India, this will happen to you, so better think again.


Canadian Doomer said...

I'm pretty certain that, even here in Canada, it took a few months for my children's births to be registered. Lots of paperwork, too. And then you need to order and pay for the birth certificate separately.

Governments are notoriously slow.

Chinmay said...

On one hand you can approach Team Anna! On the other is advice is very powerful considering India's populations!!

Elvirah said...

When it is a matter of Govt, we have to learn little patience, i guess. Because there is no other way than waiting and getting things done. Even i dont encourage bribery, so keep your fingers crossed and wait for the good to happen soon.

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