Thursday, November 3, 2011

Get ready for sleep deprivation

Well my system is still adjusting being a new mommy and this includes the sleeping and waking hours of our baby. I do tend to keep myself awake when he is awake and sleep whenever he sleeps.


But since there are still things to do at home and there is no one to turn to whenever hubby goes back to work, I find it so hard because I feel tense and stressed about it whenever I feel so alone and that I wanted someone to be with me to accompany me, teach me things I should have known even more and being a first time mom is the most nerve wrecking for me. I really do appreciate now my mom and wish that she will just be here with me to take care of me or assist me.

But anyway, I cannot do much but just talk to them online. I will be expecting my MIL to arrive after five days and I will really appreciate it since she will be a great help for me since I don't want to rush working since my mom said to keep calm and don't tend to do heavy work which is never gonna be good to my body.Hoping to update as much of what my other blogs need whenever mom in law arrives.


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