Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Victory For Manny Pacquiao vs. Manuel Marquez

I am not an avid fan of boxing and I don't regularly follow the fights of Congressman Manny Pacquiao. But due to my friends who regularly follow and post events of Manny's fight, I got curious to check his latest fight and that was the third fight against Manuel Marquez of Mexico just this day.

At first round I can say that both boxers show great fight, exchanging blows and punches. Although some Filipinos were not that excited to see how the fight ends. Probably they must have been waiting for Manny to pulverize Marquez for the third time. I can say that Manny still did his job as a good fighter. He didn't take any advantage and show arrogantly towards his opponent.

Some say his performance as a boxer is deteriorating since he is not fully concentrated on his practice because he attends as a Congressman and also an actor to his television shows. But for me, he just do give time, the question is, when is he going to retire and take time to concentrate only on his field of interest, which is not about boxing. But I know that there will be another bout coming up which is Mayweather. Whether he fights him or not, its all up to PacMan.

I found this spreading over the internet showing how Manny Pacquiao won today. If this is true, just watch the fight since there will always be a replay online and you just need to surf it out what channel will give you best.

Got this posted from my Facebook friend

Anyway Congratulations once again to PacMan (Congressman Manny Pacquiao) who did make his country proud. Another milestone of his career as a boxer and has proven himself a gentleman inside and outside the ring.


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