Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mommy's Day Out

It was a great sunny day today and hubby asked me if we can go out since I was really hesitant to buy some chudidar because most of my dress were not appropriate for breast feeding so I said I needed new clothes that can be open easily and those tops are with buttons or hook and eye.

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Indeed it was such a blessing that he bought me four wonderful pieces of my choice of chudidar as we hurriedly want to go back home since baby was just taken cared of by my MIL. I was really happy that this day, hubby was not so stingy about the prices that my clothes are since it was ranging from Rs 600 to Rs900.00 but he told me not to ask him again within 10 months, harharhar!

I appreciate the design and the textile of course and it is with a promo of free duppatta and stretchable pants per two purchase of chudidar clothes. This ready made clothes are fashionable that I also don't be worried to go to a tailor or look for a style since some chudidar sets are far more expensive than ready made chudidars.

After buying clothes, we headed for our weekly grocery and MIL called us to come back home since baby is already crying. I was missing our little one and I am very much eager to hold him and kiss him and give him some hug and feed him since I know he can easily detect that MIL is giving him only formulated milk, not from what he is used of which is breast milk. Another fun filling day and Praise God for this wonderful day and for the blessings.By the way, I will be posting these fabulous clothes by tomorrow's blog, so tired already!

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