Sunday, September 11, 2011

No Picture Taking Please

We didn’t know about this policy as we were taking pictures outside this newly built mall. Well what do you expect? Most of the establishments are still under construction but it was really big and oriented inside. What I meant for being oriented is that most of the establishments were aligned properly and future customers or buyers here will also commend how this mall organized everything for the convenience of their shoppers.

This is what it looks outside, spacious parking space
infinity mall2

Second level of parking at the back
infinity mall1

Wish they would give more lights here because it was near the entrance
infinity mall3

Most of the stalls are foreign brands and when you said one lane, if it is a shop for shoes and sports or gears, they are all aligned the same. If it were a shop for clothings and apparel like jeans, then most of the shops will be in line with jeans only so you would not be lost or asking someone where is the shop for baby’s clothing or for bags or accessories because they are all aligned very well.

Expect the prices would be a bit pricey too because renting in such a place like this is not a joke. In fact, this is the very first mall that I got into that impressed me already even if it is not yet fully functional. Not fully functional in a sense that their grocery section is not yet done, their cinemas are still closed and the amusement park for kids is still under construction. Probably it may take some more months just to finish the whole establishment.

View inside, the floor is really clean and luminous, gives you a clear reflection
infinity mall4

The heart of the mall, there are seats you can rest into, I really like the centralized aircon here
infinity mall5

I also like how they conceptualized the food and dining area. It was really fantastic and spacious and you can really say you can relax. There is a big mount of television screened for entertainment and varieties of foods that surround you as well as good dining restaurants are also in there.

As I was saying we didn’t know that it is forbidden to take pictures inside, there was no warning signage or post as the guard stopped us when we were taking some pictures of us. Well, at least I was able to click a few shots so that I can post it here a bit, but mind you not for any other intensions. Besides, their security is tight just like at the airport where bags and belongings are inspected by a scanner. Not the usual scanners in malls, but as I have said, scanners that runs in airports when you place your luggage or personal stuffs.

By the way these were taken three months ago and still the mall is still not yet done. I don’t want you to guess anymore but it’s pretty obvious that I am talking about Infinity Mall in Malad West. If you happen to visit the place, it’s better if it is fully built where everything is in place and you and your family will enjoy.


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