Friday, September 2, 2011

Indian Bus Transportation and Streets not friendly for Pregnant Women

Sorry if I really indicated "India" in what I have to say but I am just honest about it and this is my opinion. As a foreigner living here in India, I was really frustrated on how bad the roads are and whenever we ride rickshaws and buses, it will always be a bumpy ride. We do all know that most of the drivers are in a racing mode for driving. Of course, there will be exemption to it but definitely 90% plus are really rough drivers.

I just do pray and ask God that He might give us a car of our own so that before or after I give birth, baby and I will be safe in that bumpy and dangerous ride. Bus drivers in India don’t care about their passengers. They are such in a hurry to go away from bus stops and they don’t wait for the passengers to come in. Most of the people here will run after the bus and most even the female are pushing each other to get in and they don’t care even if you are pregnant also.

In India, only A/C buses are those for travelling in provinces or long distant travel. Most of the city buses are ordinary buses which they call “BEST” which I find opposite of it. Anyway, about the bumpy and dangerous ride, whether it will be rush hours or not, buses are really fast and swift and you should be aware to catch it by running or if it stops, it will be quickie so tendency is that people would rush and push each other to get in.

The lines or queue in bus terminals in market will never be that easy too. There are allotted seats for ladies and the elderly men which you cannot sit your butt into. Public buses here are owned and operated by the government and only the provincial buses for long distant travels are owned and operated by private sectors.

Rickshaw drivers are choosy and as for the latest survey I have read on newspapers, they topped as the most hated people here in India. Rickshaw ride costs double or triple the amount against buses or trains. The reasons why most people still choose to ride rickshaw is that they are really in a hurry, carrying heavy goods or stuffs or when attending such an occasion and are wearing an elegant attire.

Now going back to the buzzing story of inconvenience, I cried that day when one man came to me and asked me to vacate my seat because that is for the elderly. Okay, I gave way, it’s really the seat sign for old ones but I was pregnant and I am really feeling my back paining. This elderly man was not so elderly at all but he does not care and he does not even know about being gentle so what the heck, I stand up and crush my way to other passengers who are also standing up, since the bus was jammed packed like sardines.

I cried for the reason that I missed my country because it has more good buses to offer plus kind hearted men and women who would give their seats for pregnant woman just like me. Half heartedly, I also felt so pity that if only I have my own vehicle, I would not be experiencing all this difficulty. I really really don’t want my child to experience this and that is why I am persuaded to do the best that I can so that we can also pass this trial and testing. Maybe God is also testing my patience and how I can still hold myself humble against the midst of people who doesn’t even know God.
I am just so thankful for God because of His protection to us that no matter how bad the roads are, no matter how rude the passengers are, no matter how fast the drivers drive, my baby and I are safe. I will just have to limit my going out particularly I am also nearing my due. This article is written to inform pregnant women to be extra careful. I have no intensions of belittling or mar the image of India because as I have said this is based on my own opinion and I am entitled to share it here in my blog, peace to all!


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