Sunday, August 28, 2011

COB 700 Followers Give-Away Contest

Rakshanda of Chamber of Beauty is having her COB 700 followers give-away. This online contest is open internationally particularly for bloggers like me to participate. She will be giving Revlon Compact powder, False Eye Lashes Set, an eye shadow, Loreal Pearl Powder and a Nail Lacquer. If you find it interesting, please join me also on this contest.

Click the image below to join the contest

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Makeup Diary's Three Winners "Just Because Thank You Give-away Contest"

JC of Makeup Diary.Org is Giving Away Fabulous Beauty Prizes for the LuckyThree winners in her "Just Because..Thank You Give-away Contest"

I was really drooling to see these Urban Decay and MAC prizes she mentioned on herpost and so that is my reason for joining. Who knows? I might be lucky enough to grab these wonderful makeups and beauty products. So friends join her also in her contest by joining me.

Click the image to Join JC's "Just Because Thank You Give-Away!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who’s into Scrapbook Hobby?

I used to remember whenever we go to a mall in Malad and I passed by this craft store that offers a lot of hobby items to kids and to adults, it makes me tempted to buy things but as usual, before I stepped in, there is only one person who would ask me, what am I going to do there and what do I need to buy, who else but hubby!

Colorful Paper Quilling
paper quilling

If only scrapbook hobby is cheap and if only I have the money to spend on such colorful artworks, I will be delighted to start a new hobby again that is an extension of scrapbooking. I like to try Painting, Sketching, Paper Mache, Quilling and Jewelry Making using Beads.

But what is scrapbooking? From photos to albums to any colorful papers, buttons, and ribbons that you can design and use to make another form of art, that is scrap booking. I started scrap booking but it was online so I don’t have any expenses on materials but during those times, it was offered free, and now the site started to charge for making a template beautiful, so I did stop my hobby.

Digital scrap booking was my first hobby online before I figure out how to earn money online and started to get busy saving some dough. I still dream to have my own scrap book materials and album but as I have said, it will be addictive to start and I can only be spending on items which we don’t need at home not unless I can sell it to someone who can appreciate scrap book materials.

I like pasting, cropping or cutting papers, molding and designing some floral arrangements, collecting ribbons and beautiful buttons. Quilling on the other hand is about kinds and types of papers and ribbons that you fold and twist using quilling tools like slotted tools, fringer, base boards, tweezers, and some crafts scissors.

Art can be so much fun if you know how to express it and if you are game into it. It is still something in me that needs to be explored more but once I get a grasp on it, I can be the best of it. I don’t know, but this has started when I first crafted my supposed to be wedding invitation cards that hubby and I created but unfortunately, we weren’t able to give away since the plan was changed. But that was just a closed book and I am sure there will still be a way that we can still experience our own dream wedding someday.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dengue alert case in the Philippines

It was so alarming to hear the news in the Philippines that a lot of kids being affected by Dengue virus. Every day children of younger age are being sent to hospitals in Manila to be confined and treated due to deadly insect mosquito bites. There are four stages or grades of Dengue, Stage I, II, III and IV which the latter is the worst.


I was really baffled when a news reporter just reported a 5 yr. old kid with stage 1 case that was admitted in the hospital died within 24 hours as her stage furiously sky rocketed from case 1 to 4 living her internal organs fail and blood transfusion didn’t even help.

I am so sad to see parents cry out in despair because they cannot do anything and they can’t accept the fact that their little ones are gone because of that one insect bite. The government is doing its best to fight off dengue infected mosquitoes by disseminating information to people on how to be careful and clean their homes as the community also take part of the said drive.

Doctors advice that if you see yourself or your kid with fever not more than 2 days, go to the hospital for a check-up. It is better to prevent rather than to cure so we should all be careful because these insects don’t choose whom to bite. Below is the information on how to know if a person is infected with Dengue Virus:

Stage 1: has fever, low platelet count
Stage 2: has fever, low platelet count, bleeding in nose or gums or paining stomach. The sputum is dark in color and is very weak
Stage 3: has fever, fainted pulse, low blood pressure, the blood veins are being attacked by the virus which will lead to a more serious problem in the vital organs.
Stage 4: no more blood pressure, dengue shock syndrome, cardiac arrest and it will be difficult to treat.

Other complications that shows are skin rashes and people who have been bitten before and got admitted again because of dengue has other complications like getting water in their lungs and making them difficult to breathe. Most kids who have been bitten have weaker immunity to sickness and they say that mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of perspiration.

How to combat and fight Dengue: Here are the simple ways on how to get rid and be safe in times of dengue crisis.

1.Cleaning the inside and outside of the house making sure there is no stagnant water left which female mosquitoes can breed. Tires, vases, potholes, puddles and canals should be cleaned and remove the water so that there will be no breeding ground for these mosquitoes.

2.Using of mosquito repellant on skin and wearing long sleeve shirts, blouses and jogging pants to protect the skin from insect bites.

3.A Citronella plant or scented oil is good to drive away mosquitoes. It is good to have these in your home.

4.Do not believe that some native plant can cure dengue. Consult your physician and only follow what is the right medical treatment and do not self medicate.

5.When removing stagnant water with mosquito eggs and larva, it is best to put salt or hot water into it. Throwing the water will not help if you place it also in a clog drainage or canal.

I hope this article helps a bit in giving information about dengue. Some dengue infected mosquitoes not only bite during daytime but also in night time. So to be sure, install also some screen in your windows and door to block the passage way for these outside mosquitoes to come inside your house. Use insect sprays at home but defog only when there is a report of dengue outbreak in your area.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Beauty Diaries 100+ Followers Oriflame Give-Away

Beauty Diaries is giving away fantastic International Oriflame beauty products for the lucky online participant to join her contest. I haven't tried Oriflame yet although I have seen their shops here in India. I just wish to get this wonderful product too which if given a chance to win, I will really enjoy using.

So friends, what are you waiting for? Join Beauty Diaries contest which will end till August 28,2011.

Click image below to join the contest

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

D.G.S. Beauty's Summer Giveaway Contest

D. Sadie of DGS Beauty is giving away 5 Major Beauty Prizes on her online contest. I have been into online contest lately but I really do enjoy it even if some of those online contest have ended.
I still try my best to win anything. From eyeshadows to lip gloss, lipstick, blush on, nail polish, eye liner,makeup brush and makeup remover, D. Sadie is reluctant to share it with her readers. Sowhy not join me my friends and get a chance to win her fabulous prizes.This contest is open Internationally and it will end Aug.31,2011.

Click the image below to join the contest

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pigments and Palettes $200 Give-Away Contest

Meredith Jessica of Pigments and Palettes is giving away $200.00 worth of wonderful beauty items on her 200th followers online. I was happy to join this contest which will end Aug. 31, 2011.

I really got attracted to the colorful makeup palletes of eyeshadows, lip gloss and blushes. There are exciting Sally Hansen Nail polish too plus Lise Watier Eye Shine Eye liner and a magnificent necklace jewelry donated by Katie Christensen Designs.

So friends, what are you waiting for, join me in this contest and win this fabulous prizes only at Pigments and Palettes!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Productwhore 500 Followers Triple Prize Give-away

The Productwhore is giving away fabulous prizes in order to give thanks to her 500th online followers. There will be three lucky winners who's going away beauty products from leading brands such as Sephora, Dr. Jart+water, Hello Kitty, Sasa Prize pack, Jill Stuart and Sigma.

I really am excited to join and win this contest.So friends, join me and you can also win if you participate her contest which is good till Aug. 31, 2011.Winners will be selected via

Here is the link to her online contest:

Click Here to Join

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Facebook Madness

Are your parents on Facebook? Well, I don’t mind if my parents are besides, in this generation where people of all nations and race do have their own Facebook account. I was really surprise that the advancement of information superhighway leads younger generations to take part of such social networking sites. By the way, I am not promoting the said social site. To think that there is Twitter, Myspace, Google +, Friendster, Tagged, Orkut and so much more to join into but as what we all do know Facebook has the edge.

I am more concerned of kids joining such social networking sites rather than mature and old individuals such as my parents. By the way, my dad has two accounts which I don’t know why but exclude my mom into this since she’s not into computers and stuffs. Kids as young like my niece and other nephews do have Facebook account and their classmates tag them too as they use this medium to communicate.

During our time (not that old of course) we were just content of sending beeper messages to friends. Internet usage and exposure is not that much which we only use for research in college and helping us in our assignments. But in this generation were gadgets explode (kaboom) like it’s selling hot, you can use Ipad, Wifi-ready mobiles, laptops, and desktops, name it just to connect to your FB account, it is possible.

You try to check what’s in store for the day; see your friends’ status and what’s the latest chika or news in the market. You can never be outdated whenever you are plugged into Facebook. I will no longer wonder the success that brought Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook since this social network site gave advancement to connect old friends, old flames, enemies, relatives and so much more.

They have added features that make users go gaga over googoo which means crazy. Games like Farmville and other FB games made my brother and father instant farmers. I just don’t have the time to play so I skipped on those offers by friends who were playing different games too. Now that they have added online chat with cam, it is much better. Hope that they can improve their chat into conference type so that I would not grope my way to use their chat option.

I also take advantage of free advertisement since I can link my blog site articles into Facebook where I can share it to friends. I also like to create a page section so that I can gain more Networkblogged friends. I just hope they would not restrict posting links there as long as there will be no spammers. I don’t know about the costs of advertising a site, but for me, it is a great offer for exposure particularly if you do have an online business to keep. Facebook does help drive traffic to blogs and bloggers really have to use this kind of technology that social network sites offer.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Joining the Contest "3 Winner Give-Away by Nessa"

Vanessa of MakeupbyNessa254(dot)com is giving away fabulous makeup prizes on her 3 Winner Give Away Contest. I do like to try my chance if randomly picked. I have seen wonderful loose eye shadow makeups which is both pigmented and shimmery.

So giving my best shot before this contest ends by tomorrow, I also invite you guys to try and check her website and even join her exciting contest. Below is the link to her online contest.

3 Winner Give-Away Contest by Nessa

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joining Kelly of The Super Duper Hello Kitty Give Away Contest

Kelly of Lipgloss Love Affair is giving away "The Super Duper Hello Kitty Give Away Contest". It is my first time to join her contest and I am also excited to join her other contest but for now, I will be first joining this one since it will be till Aug. 31,2011. Hope you could join her contest too especially the prizes are really worth it. Who could resist Hello Kitty Beauty Items that you can add for your Kikay stuffs. Hoping to win also!

Here is the link where you can join the said contest
The Super Duper Hello Kitty Give Away!

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Reminiscing Goa Adventures Part Two

During this season, going to Goa will not be that fun because of the rains. You will not be enjoying the beach and the sun of course. If you may ask what seasons will be perfect to go to Goa, well that will be in the summer seasons from January to month of May. But when June comes, that will be the start of a rainy weather.

Sunset in Goa

Golden Eagle enjoying its flight
Golden Eagle

Pigeons flocked to eat, on the side of the street
pigeons eating

The Stretch of Arabian Sea
Arabian Sea

A Road Going to Panjim
to Panjim

Mandovi bridge in Panjim
mandovi bridge

A beach view, but not for tourists to swim
beach view

I always like to view the sunset in Goa. To see the beach, relax and enjoy the nature that enfolds the majestic natural tourist spot in India. I am always delighted to see birds fly not that high where they enjoy their plight and take pride of their wings like the Indian Golden Eagle that I was able to capture although sorry for the zoom of my cam which is limited; it is just a local digital camera.

You cannot go wrong watching the stretch of the Arabian Sea that interconnects the lovely beaches of Goa. Renting a place to stay is easy because there are lots to choose from five star Hotels to simple huts and transient houses. You can also tour parts of Goa by renting a bike which is also affordable and all you needed to have is a license to show and money to pay the owner.

I just hope they will build more amusement parks like Water World or Disneyland types of Amusement centers since Goa is a tourist capital. I do see floating Casinos around but that is for people who have money to burn. But for us, it will be better to see Goa as a place where both kids and adults would enjoy and remember once they take a visit.

About shopping, well there are local stores that offer authentic Indian jewelries and clothing. But I still prefer wide varieties from International brands to local so that the selection will always be great. If you like to buy dried fish and Goan pastries, the local market of Margao is the place to be. They sell cheaper and you can also bargain for the price, if you know how to convince the vendor to lower their prices.

Your tour in Goa will not be complete without visiting Old Goa to where big relics of Portuguese churches are. It is where the Basilica of Bom Jesus was located to where the remains of St. Francis Xavier lie. I am not a Catholic by belief but my in-laws were the ones who took me to Old Goa for a quick visit together when they have their visitors in Qatar. I can say that the building structure of the church was really that old and it looks the same like the bricks that they have used in building their forts.

It was really an epic and it will make you feel like your back from that century were colloquially the place speaks clearly for itself, with pride and honor. I will still have more stories and picture to tell on my next post since Goa is just my second, away from home.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Unexpected Payment

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I have been away for six long months on article submission site because I got so tired of cheap payments and I didn’t even expected that I will still earn on my previous post. I haven’t uploaded a single article for this year and now that half the year is gone, I can say that I would still stick to blogging rather than to write and submit my articles somewhere else.

I have my high hopes that someday soon, this site that I have will be fetching traffic as long as I can be able to manage some advertisements running if I can also pay. Nothing is free nowadays so I have to give my best shot to some trusted sites that I know which can potentially improve the rank of my page as well as the viewers for my site.

First Payment I received from Chitika

I did have included a lot of advertising schemes without compromising the laws applicable to them. I don’t have google ads on my account since it was long time gone with the wind so the only options I have were the other ads you can see on my widgets.

Anyway I am so happy to know that there was still money coming in for freelance writers like me. I still wish to expand my knowledge when it comes to online earning but I can’t just stress out and I am just taking my time to even enjoy what I do, be it cooking, reading, singing. Thanks chitika for the payment, I really appreciated it. It was timely because I am really saving some dough for our upcoming baby and I desperately needed more so that I can buy what I needed before I have to endure labor.

My month of July payment from Adgitize

I also like to thank the most trusted site for advertising. I really, really wish and hope I can avail more ads to pay you because you have been consistent in giving my food blog site traffic and at the same time good exposure. I have never regret the day I decided to invest and advertise on your site. May you continue to be faithful to your customers also and I do hope your site will last longer and even stronger as time goes by. To Adgitize members and to Ken the site owner, thank you very much!
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reminiscing Goa Adventures Part One

We always go back and forth whenever hubby does apply for a short vacation leave. It is where my in-laws live and Goa has been part of my life since I always go there before the FRO office to update my status and now that I have my own PIO card, it is much easier for me to just go to the nearest FRO office and not travel for 12 hours just to report in Goa.

Lovely pieces of arts,crafts and memorabilia in this shop in Dona Paula

Anyway, I consider Goa as one of the best tourist spots in India where international food is abundantly offered plus I get the chance to enjoy seafoods delight in a cheaper price that I cannot find in the city of Mumbai to where we live. Goa is considered a Christian state in India so most of people do enjoy to eat meat particularly pork and beef. They are influenced by Portuguese so most of their architectural landmarks like churches are patterned in that previous conqueror.

Dona Paula in Goa at night
Dona Paula

The local dialect spoken in Goa is Konkani. Just don’t ask me if I knew that, since I am not even starting myself to learn and focus on Hindi, how much more on Konkani, it will take years of learning and practice speaking. Well good luck to me.

Hubbys' old school- Regina Mundi School,notice the soil..its red
Regina Mundi School

The sand, the sea and the sun is what Goa is famous for. It has a vast selection of beautiful beaches although not as pristine white sand like Boracay, in my country Philippines but it is surely rich in natural aspect as you will enjoy bird watching here and majestic beauty of mountains, sea, rivers, falls and other serene tripping that you may think of.

Tourists also enjoy to buy souvenir items like clothes and textiles, jewelries, food items such as sweets, dried fruits and nuts and of course authentic Goan recipes also influenced by Portuguese cuisines. Most of Goans enjoy their Kaju Feni drink (alcohol drink made out of cashew nuts). It is also cheaper to buy drinks and spirits in Goa but you cannot sell that to other states since it is restricted.

My new recruits to Farmville, I told them to go to my Ranch

The people of Goa likes football as sports but you can always see cricket games to whatever parts of India since this is already adopted in their culture. They also enjoy hockey games and basketball. I haven’t watched that yet but football yes. They do have open field and space to play these games unlike in my country Philippines the sports that most men loved was basketball although they are slowly introduced to football.

I will show you some of the tourists spots in Goa particularly Panjim, the famous place to where you can find what you are looking for in an item. We have visited Dona Paula at night and in daytime. I will be posting some of the snap shots we have since I need to check where those files are. Still have a long day or week to organize things but happy to share what I have in store for you guys.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

My Second Ultrasound

Super excited to know the gender of my baby but sad to say that here in India, they don’t allow gender determination due to the insane fact that they have their abortion laws here. I am really not happy to hear this because I was expecting that we can buy appropriate colors for our upcoming bundle of joy.

My ultrasound result, I'm on my 27th week

Well there is nothing I can do but to accept their stupid law and now I needed to ready baby names for both gender and at the same time buy white, green and yellow colors without any decors denoting the gender if its boy or a girl.

Well it’s not only that I need to wait till I give birth but I am also not going to have my very first baby shower, what a bummer huh! It’s not because of not knowing the gender but because I don’t have my close friends here in this country and they don’t even know what a baby shower is, boohoo! Anyway, I will do my best to conduct a virtual baby shower to my friends.

Well so much for the rant, I need to calm myself by thinking of other ways to make baby happy since what I really long for and pray is to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Be it a boy or a girl, we pray that baby will be healthy and normal and God fearing above all which we will teach to our future kids the very lessons my parents taught us and that is our faith in God.

Still saving for more dough to buy baby’s needs for the next month but I am also excited to host my very first online contest which is my Baby Shower Contest. I will post here soon what will be the criteria. It is still early to announce the prizes and such since my due date for giving birth if God’s will is month of November 2011.
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Condemning Crush Videos Online

It is very sickening to see such people enjoy and have pleasure of killing innocent animals and pets and to think that they pay money just to view such videos. The world is getting evil and evil by the day and people committing such crimes are getting involved at younger ages.

It's Angry Birds' turn to crush, lolz!
angry bird

It is really alarming to hear news with regards to crush videos existing and some people are avid fans to such. Unbelievable cruelty that some psychologist would compare those animals being tortured and killed are such the same for fetish pleasures in sex.

Really weird and strange but the bottom-line is that it is still a sin and people would do anything to get money out of it. There were reports that such video takings happen in the Philippines were allegedly involve were teenage girls wearing stilettos or high heeled shoes or rubber shoes stepping innocent animals to death.

PAWS or Philippine Animal Welfare Society is an organization that helps save such animals. Under RA 8485 which is the animal welfare act of 1998, people who will get caught of abusing animals will be fined and sue although justice needs to be served on an iron rod and we still don’t have such (criminal case) or yet passed by the law makers to condemn crush videos. I do hope they will come up with such a law to punish people who will be involved in such evil act.

Animals do have the right to live also. They are created by God to help man and not to be abused and killed just for the sake of pleasure or for illegal money. I do hope that most countries would be helping also to stop animal cruelty such as these that spreads like wildfire on the internet. The world will be a better place to live in when we do take care of it and nourish it.

If you know anyone who abuses animals, you can reach out telephone numbers of the nearest animal welfare near you or even report this to authorities. Let’s do help each other to stop such crimes being committed to animals and to our beloved pets.
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I also once dreamed

Continue the next statement!! Well maybe a lot of you would be saying, I wish I had money, money to spend from what I want in life, money to dream of a good house, a good car, and of a good life. Stability as to most men want and security to what most women want. But basically, what do we really want in life.


There will always be a moment in our life that we sigh and sit down and think of what will happen to our future and the goals that we aim to get or achieve in our life. I for one can’t deny the fact that most of my colleagues do have a career of their own. I just can’t compete with that since we do live our lives in different ways and means and the main thing is that when we try to compare ourselves with someone else, we may just end up frustrated and lonely.

It is free to dream. For me, as long as I have a dream, as long as I have the vision, it makes me want and aim for no matter what the cost will be. Being persistent and having the will power is the motor that will drive you as getting results will be the one to motivate you further.

I do believe that trying is something will that produce results. Being positive is the side kick of it but right motivation and attitude are the key ingredients to have in order to get what you want without getting the risk of compromise.

Did you try to ask yourself these questions? What to they have that I don’t have in order to succeed? Is life really pure luck? Does God really chooses to favor some people and others not? The questions may seem endless and nothing may seem to be solid if you don’t seem to know what is best to do in order how to make it happen.

Once you get an opportunity (as it knocks only once in a blue moon) they say that you need to grab it. But how can you be so sure if it was really the right break for you. Personal conviction will determine as well as to balance the things you wanted when given a time pressure, you need to respond quickly than others. Being slow is not a good sign for getting any result. Waiting for so long and being sluggish ain’t gonna work too. Things will NEVER Happen “IF YOU DON’T WANT TO MOVE AND ACT”.

What are tools you have in order to achieve what you wanted? Do you think it is enough? Are there any other sources that you think will help to solve your problem? These questions may help you determine if you are going to be on the right track once you have a solid answer. Don’t say MAYBE, it will not be good to settle futures if you are not that sure of what you are doing.

The challenge is still out there. The quest is still going on. All of us need to strive hard in this so called LIFE. What makes you happy will determine if you have handled those issues in life confidently.
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