Sunday, August 14, 2011

Unexpected Payment

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I have been away for six long months on article submission site because I got so tired of cheap payments and I didn’t even expected that I will still earn on my previous post. I haven’t uploaded a single article for this year and now that half the year is gone, I can say that I would still stick to blogging rather than to write and submit my articles somewhere else.

I have my high hopes that someday soon, this site that I have will be fetching traffic as long as I can be able to manage some advertisements running if I can also pay. Nothing is free nowadays so I have to give my best shot to some trusted sites that I know which can potentially improve the rank of my page as well as the viewers for my site.

First Payment I received from Chitika

I did have included a lot of advertising schemes without compromising the laws applicable to them. I don’t have google ads on my account since it was long time gone with the wind so the only options I have were the other ads you can see on my widgets.

Anyway I am so happy to know that there was still money coming in for freelance writers like me. I still wish to expand my knowledge when it comes to online earning but I can’t just stress out and I am just taking my time to even enjoy what I do, be it cooking, reading, singing. Thanks chitika for the payment, I really appreciated it. It was timely because I am really saving some dough for our upcoming baby and I desperately needed more so that I can buy what I needed before I have to endure labor.

My month of July payment from Adgitize

I also like to thank the most trusted site for advertising. I really, really wish and hope I can avail more ads to pay you because you have been consistent in giving my food blog site traffic and at the same time good exposure. I have never regret the day I decided to invest and advertise on your site. May you continue to be faithful to your customers also and I do hope your site will last longer and even stronger as time goes by. To Adgitize members and to Ken the site owner, thank you very much!


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