Monday, August 8, 2011

My Second Ultrasound

Super excited to know the gender of my baby but sad to say that here in India, they don’t allow gender determination due to the insane fact that they have their abortion laws here. I am really not happy to hear this because I was expecting that we can buy appropriate colors for our upcoming bundle of joy.

My ultrasound result, I'm on my 27th week

Well there is nothing I can do but to accept their stupid law and now I needed to ready baby names for both gender and at the same time buy white, green and yellow colors without any decors denoting the gender if its boy or a girl.

Well it’s not only that I need to wait till I give birth but I am also not going to have my very first baby shower, what a bummer huh! It’s not because of not knowing the gender but because I don’t have my close friends here in this country and they don’t even know what a baby shower is, boohoo! Anyway, I will do my best to conduct a virtual baby shower to my friends.

Well so much for the rant, I need to calm myself by thinking of other ways to make baby happy since what I really long for and pray is to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Be it a boy or a girl, we pray that baby will be healthy and normal and God fearing above all which we will teach to our future kids the very lessons my parents taught us and that is our faith in God.

Still saving for more dough to buy baby’s needs for the next month but I am also excited to host my very first online contest which is my Baby Shower Contest. I will post here soon what will be the criteria. It is still early to announce the prizes and such since my due date for giving birth if God’s will is month of November 2011.


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