Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I also once dreamed

Continue the next statement!! Well maybe a lot of you would be saying, I wish I had money, money to spend from what I want in life, money to dream of a good house, a good car, and of a good life. Stability as to most men want and security to what most women want. But basically, what do we really want in life.


There will always be a moment in our life that we sigh and sit down and think of what will happen to our future and the goals that we aim to get or achieve in our life. I for one can’t deny the fact that most of my colleagues do have a career of their own. I just can’t compete with that since we do live our lives in different ways and means and the main thing is that when we try to compare ourselves with someone else, we may just end up frustrated and lonely.

It is free to dream. For me, as long as I have a dream, as long as I have the vision, it makes me want and aim for no matter what the cost will be. Being persistent and having the will power is the motor that will drive you as getting results will be the one to motivate you further.

I do believe that trying is something will that produce results. Being positive is the side kick of it but right motivation and attitude are the key ingredients to have in order to get what you want without getting the risk of compromise.

Did you try to ask yourself these questions? What to they have that I don’t have in order to succeed? Is life really pure luck? Does God really chooses to favor some people and others not? The questions may seem endless and nothing may seem to be solid if you don’t seem to know what is best to do in order how to make it happen.

Once you get an opportunity (as it knocks only once in a blue moon) they say that you need to grab it. But how can you be so sure if it was really the right break for you. Personal conviction will determine as well as to balance the things you wanted when given a time pressure, you need to respond quickly than others. Being slow is not a good sign for getting any result. Waiting for so long and being sluggish ain’t gonna work too. Things will NEVER Happen “IF YOU DON’T WANT TO MOVE AND ACT”.

What are tools you have in order to achieve what you wanted? Do you think it is enough? Are there any other sources that you think will help to solve your problem? These questions may help you determine if you are going to be on the right track once you have a solid answer. Don’t say MAYBE, it will not be good to settle futures if you are not that sure of what you are doing.

The challenge is still out there. The quest is still going on. All of us need to strive hard in this so called LIFE. What makes you happy will determine if you have handled those issues in life confidently.


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