Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who’s into Scrapbook Hobby?

I used to remember whenever we go to a mall in Malad and I passed by this craft store that offers a lot of hobby items to kids and to adults, it makes me tempted to buy things but as usual, before I stepped in, there is only one person who would ask me, what am I going to do there and what do I need to buy, who else but hubby!

Colorful Paper Quilling
paper quilling

If only scrapbook hobby is cheap and if only I have the money to spend on such colorful artworks, I will be delighted to start a new hobby again that is an extension of scrapbooking. I like to try Painting, Sketching, Paper Mache, Quilling and Jewelry Making using Beads.

But what is scrapbooking? From photos to albums to any colorful papers, buttons, and ribbons that you can design and use to make another form of art, that is scrap booking. I started scrap booking but it was online so I don’t have any expenses on materials but during those times, it was offered free, and now the site started to charge for making a template beautiful, so I did stop my hobby.

Digital scrap booking was my first hobby online before I figure out how to earn money online and started to get busy saving some dough. I still dream to have my own scrap book materials and album but as I have said, it will be addictive to start and I can only be spending on items which we don’t need at home not unless I can sell it to someone who can appreciate scrap book materials.

I like pasting, cropping or cutting papers, molding and designing some floral arrangements, collecting ribbons and beautiful buttons. Quilling on the other hand is about kinds and types of papers and ribbons that you fold and twist using quilling tools like slotted tools, fringer, base boards, tweezers, and some crafts scissors.

Art can be so much fun if you know how to express it and if you are game into it. It is still something in me that needs to be explored more but once I get a grasp on it, I can be the best of it. I don’t know, but this has started when I first crafted my supposed to be wedding invitation cards that hubby and I created but unfortunately, we weren’t able to give away since the plan was changed. But that was just a closed book and I am sure there will still be a way that we can still experience our own dream wedding someday.


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