Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reminiscing Goa Adventures Part One

We always go back and forth whenever hubby does apply for a short vacation leave. It is where my in-laws live and Goa has been part of my life since I always go there before the FRO office to update my status and now that I have my own PIO card, it is much easier for me to just go to the nearest FRO office and not travel for 12 hours just to report in Goa.

Lovely pieces of arts,crafts and memorabilia in this shop in Dona Paula

Anyway, I consider Goa as one of the best tourist spots in India where international food is abundantly offered plus I get the chance to enjoy seafoods delight in a cheaper price that I cannot find in the city of Mumbai to where we live. Goa is considered a Christian state in India so most of people do enjoy to eat meat particularly pork and beef. They are influenced by Portuguese so most of their architectural landmarks like churches are patterned in that previous conqueror.

Dona Paula in Goa at night
Dona Paula

The local dialect spoken in Goa is Konkani. Just don’t ask me if I knew that, since I am not even starting myself to learn and focus on Hindi, how much more on Konkani, it will take years of learning and practice speaking. Well good luck to me.

Hubbys' old school- Regina Mundi School,notice the soil..its red
Regina Mundi School

The sand, the sea and the sun is what Goa is famous for. It has a vast selection of beautiful beaches although not as pristine white sand like Boracay, in my country Philippines but it is surely rich in natural aspect as you will enjoy bird watching here and majestic beauty of mountains, sea, rivers, falls and other serene tripping that you may think of.

Tourists also enjoy to buy souvenir items like clothes and textiles, jewelries, food items such as sweets, dried fruits and nuts and of course authentic Goan recipes also influenced by Portuguese cuisines. Most of Goans enjoy their Kaju Feni drink (alcohol drink made out of cashew nuts). It is also cheaper to buy drinks and spirits in Goa but you cannot sell that to other states since it is restricted.

My new recruits to Farmville, I told them to go to my Ranch

The people of Goa likes football as sports but you can always see cricket games to whatever parts of India since this is already adopted in their culture. They also enjoy hockey games and basketball. I haven’t watched that yet but football yes. They do have open field and space to play these games unlike in my country Philippines the sports that most men loved was basketball although they are slowly introduced to football.

I will show you some of the tourists spots in Goa particularly Panjim, the famous place to where you can find what you are looking for in an item. We have visited Dona Paula at night and in daytime. I will be posting some of the snap shots we have since I need to check where those files are. Still have a long day or week to organize things but happy to share what I have in store for you guys.


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