Thursday, April 4, 2013

Summer time is Travel Time

Hello bloggers, is it a lovely day today? Summer means travel time once again and because of the good weather, people tend to take advantage on going from destinations where they can enjoy it together with their families and loved ones.

 I have visited a travel site that tells people about beautiful places and what to expect and do about it. It also defines an exciting honeymoon travel vacations and more. It was a wonderful website to consider before you take your country of choice to visit. When you travel, you need to know about food being offered, streets to get yourself familiar with, goods to buy like souvenir items and more.
The site still needs more inputs of photos to emphasize places and needs to add more countries to visit so that it can showcase more of travel options for people around the world. But anyway, it does its best to be informative as possible.You can check it out on this wonderful website, link is below:

 Photos taken in Neral, India

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Friday, March 29, 2013

First Payout on Experts Column

 Finally, after so many year! nahh just kidding. It has been a year since I stopped writing on Experts Column , now I did have my payment. Well, to tell you honestly, I did stopped because when I got pregnant and gave birth, I take care of my baby so I don't have enough time to write and update my blog.

Its not because the site is bad, but because I am hands-on on taking care of my little one. I actually have written 5 articles on that site, but I didn't know that the audience would balloon up to 4K plus and that is how I was able to cash out Five dollars.

Experts Column is a good site for writers. You just need to write more than 300 words and must take note of the instructions included in the site. You have to generate viewers so that you can be paid faster. The more your articles are viewed, the better. Same formula like here on this blog site, the more visitors you have, the better will be your income.

Thanks to EC, glad to write back more articles there.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Join Enter the Grand Event to win $1000

Friends, I just joined this exciting contest, hope you join too...

1- Grand Prize: $500
1- 2nd Place Prize: $250
5- 3rd Place Prizes: $50

Moms with Voices Media is hosting the GRAND Event Cash Giveaway. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can be entered to win a Grand Prize amount of $500, Second Place Prize of $250, or FIVE third place prized of $50!
This giveaway runs from 12:01 AM 3/17/2012 – 11:59 PM 3/31/2012. With so many different ways to enter, why not come back and do a few each day along with your daily entries!

Here is the Link for joining : Enter the Grand Event to win $1000
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Joining The GRAND Event Cash Giveaway

Friends I'm joining another contest called The Grand Event Cash Giveaway which is a $1000 dollar Paypal Cash give-away. I wanted to win this contest because I would used the money for buying my babies need like buying him a new cradle, carrier, pram or stroller, clothings and much more.

The contest is up till February 29,2012 only. If you want to join you can check this link The Grand Event Cash Give-away.
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Last of the PTC kind

I'm not a fan for PTC or paid to clicks but hubby. But this ptc site is the last type and the kind that I will click and I won't be indulging myself to continue on clicking.

Before Neobux was good to earn at least $0.04 cents daily without referrals. But now, you can just earn 1 cent daily on those clicks since we don't have rented refs or so and I am not even good on convincing others to try it.

It's been a daily wait just to get the threshold of $8.00. But we waited till we can reach an amount that will include the fee in withdrawing it so at least we reached it and I can say Adios Amigos to it for so many years of using it, but I won't go back in their system to continue clicking because its really too low.

Anyway just sharing to you the pain staking wait for clicking ads on Neobux, thanks for the payment received.

neobux pay
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I won Stay at Home Blessings give-away!

Woohooo! At last, I won my very first give-away contest. Of how many times I joined in contests online from makeup give-aways to cold cash, this is my very first to win. Thank you Ms. Chinchin of Stay at Home Blessings.

I was given a choice if money or one year domain from Go Daddy but I said I cannot give my 100% on blogging since I am taking care of my little one and I don't have any immediate family to help me over so my blogging time is really compromised.

Anyway I gave my winning money to my brother who is going to celebrate his birthday this coming Friday! Thank you God for the blessings! Here is my payment that I received, yipee!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Last Payout in Adgitize

Year 2011 is the best earning I have when I started Adgitizing. When Ken announced the closing of Adgitize, I was really frustrated since I am already at ease using this advertising scheme. I really like how Ken has come up with this idea to visit other bloggers website and earn.

payout in adgitize

It improved my Page rank status plus my alexa ranking. In short my traffic boosted and I don't know what to do next in this year 2012 because Adgitize is gone.

Here is the last payment I received from Mr. Ken Brown who has been honest in his business. This is from the month of December 2011 and as promised Ken paid his members. Happy to share this payout with my family.
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