Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Last Payout in Adgitize

Year 2011 is the best earning I have when I started Adgitizing. When Ken announced the closing of Adgitize, I was really frustrated since I am already at ease using this advertising scheme. I really like how Ken has come up with this idea to visit other bloggers website and earn.

payout in adgitize

It improved my Page rank status plus my alexa ranking. In short my traffic boosted and I don't know what to do next in this year 2012 because Adgitize is gone.

Here is the last payment I received from Mr. Ken Brown who has been honest in his business. This is from the month of December 2011 and as promised Ken paid his members. Happy to share this payout with my family.


Techie She said...

wow, $20+ in one payout. very nice! too bad adgitize already stopped. Ken and Adgitize helped my blogs in their rankings too.

anyway, good luck to the contest. trying my luck too in my new blog SAHWM http://sahwm.com.


meadowly said...

Hope something similar to Adgitize will crop up soon.That's a nice amount..

ChrisAir Seneba said...

got mine too $23

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