Monday, January 30, 2012

Last of the PTC kind

I'm not a fan for PTC or paid to clicks but hubby. But this ptc site is the last type and the kind that I will click and I won't be indulging myself to continue on clicking.

Before Neobux was good to earn at least $0.04 cents daily without referrals. But now, you can just earn 1 cent daily on those clicks since we don't have rented refs or so and I am not even good on convincing others to try it.

It's been a daily wait just to get the threshold of $8.00. But we waited till we can reach an amount that will include the fee in withdrawing it so at least we reached it and I can say Adios Amigos to it for so many years of using it, but I won't go back in their system to continue clicking because its really too low.

Anyway just sharing to you the pain staking wait for clicking ads on Neobux, thanks for the payment received.

neobux pay


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