Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here Comes the Month of November

Time flies by so fast. Can't believe that month of November is coming and so many things in stored again for this busy month. November was suppose to be the month where I will give birth but God has a wonderful plan and He gave us our little one in advance when this month of October I gave birth to our handsome baby boy.

November is also the month of my dad's birthday, it is also the month on where I will be posting soon the winner for my very first online contest which I posted this month of October. November is also the month where I needed to renew my ads for Adgitize and I hope that I will be able to fill in those days I did not post anything on my other blog sites.

In other countries, they celebrate Halloween and Trick or Treat will not be skipped by kids by clothing themselves with spooky Halloween costumes and getting sweets like candies and chocolates. I am much more anticipating on Christmas celebration rather than Halloween. Anyway, hows your schedule for this month of November?
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our First Order Online in Tienshi Tiens India

Tienshi is an established company selling Traditional Chinese Medication. We have been members of this great company for years now and we used the products because we know that it works effectively. This is not an advertisement about the company but just my own personal viewpoint.

Last week, we ordered 4 different Tienshi products online. It was our simplest way to get rid of commuting and going in their office which is time consuming because it will take us 2 long hours to travel. Good thing is that they offer online order as long as the purchase is more than two thousand (Rs 2,000) rupees and shipping will also be free of charge.

It took them 3-4 business days just to get here and we paid for it via EBS (Electronic Banking System) although Tienshi India also offers other payment methods such as Credit card, Debit card, cheque, demand draft and much more.

The packaging was not so great, they did not provide any box to make it more presentable although I have nothing against the products because all of them came without anything missing or leaking, in short they are in good condition.

Our Tienshi Orders
tiens orders

What we ordered was Tiens Chitosan, Tiens Cordyceps, Tiens Anti-dandruff shampoo and Airez Day time Napkin Pad. By the way, this article will never be a review about the items I have said earlier since I will reserve that review on my other blog.

Some kind of packaging

Anything more better than this packaging? wish they can spare me a box for that 4k plus order

Just hoping that the order we made will automatically add our points for PV and BV since that belongs to hubby's dad but will still credit unto hubby because it was under his leg(team). Anyway happy still about the quality of the product.

Always keep the receipt

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ordering from IndiaPlaza.Com

Hubby was browsing online and came to a site which is called It caters online shopping of furniture, appliances and other electronic gadgets to clothes and so much more. This site offers discounts and promos.

Headset with Mic
order online

I don't know what came to hubby's mind to order a headset since he saw that the price was just Rs99.00 so he opted to try and buy the said item. It was a generic headset with nothing so fancy on it like a built-in equalizer or something special. But he said that we can still use it for chat purpose so I said, okay, just order it.

It was delivered 2-3 business days via Blue Dart courier and was paid using EBS (Electronic Banking System). The packaging of was just so-so pertaining to the headset box, well it was just average to low.

Headset ordered online with discount

The item that was delivered was working well and as I have said, nothing so extra about the headset, just the heck of ordering a simple one to use for chatting. The design was also equal to the price amount asked by the site and I can say that it was just affordable, easy to use and nothing complicated about it.

Receipt from

Disclaimer: This is not a product review and this article is not influenced by any marketing and advertising media. This is purely my own opinion as a consumer and I also warn people not to use my article for their own benefit.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Diwali is Just Around the Corner

Diwali is a celebration held in India for their festival of lights. No wonder this month of October, you can now feel that it is Christmas because of the fire crackers and colorful fireworks display outside. Every Hindu houses have colorful lights in their house.


They offer food to their so called "holy cows" and some that observe witch craft and sorcery go to graveyards and perform rituals to gain mystical powers as they may say. During this festival they also honor their gods like Ganesha (god of learning and wisdom) and Lakshmi (their god of wealth). This is all Hindu based belief for your information.

Our landlord usually give us sweets since Diwali is also sharing sweet foods to people. I don't know what that signifies but anyway these snacks and sweet treats are mostly made from milk and sugar and all vegetarian of course. Fireworks materials are abundantly sold on streets by hawkers and local stores and kids just cannot stop to play.

Sounds of drums and some instruments are being played outside as they celebrate and you can see some parade. It will be a very busy street and expect traffic particularly Oct. 26, 2011, where they will celebrate this festival.

For me, this festival has no difference with other festivals they do. Their culture speaks clearly about their belief and for the person who is happy to criticize me on my blog, well I can say you are the one who is a HYPOCRITE despite the fact that you are angry at me and picking at me instead of a brotherly love, how dare you say you are a Christian too when you don't seem to display any humbleness and love towards your sister.

Pardon me on my tone, but this is my blogsite, I am here to share what I have in mind, what I experience and if you get hurt by my article, I'm sorry, I am not talking to you alone, it is not address just for you so widen your understanding.

I have written something about Hindu belief, then probably you might say why I am sharing it when I am a Christian. No need to explain it to you, especially if you don't want to listen. I am not here to argue also. I pray that God will forgive me if I hurt you, just do pray and focus on God more and develop your faith to Him who is Faithful and Just to forgive us of our sins.

Now, going back to my topic, I have just shared what is Diwali and when is it going to be held. It has nothing to do with my personal belief as a Christian, so please don't get me wrong.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Does the Truth Still Matters?

I just heard this sermon from Pastor John Macarthur about the important things the churches are going through. Changes that leads to improvement as they say but diminishes the very essence of the Word of God. It is a series of preachings and it was very vital for every true believer of Christ to hear so that they may be aware of what the churches are doing now these days.


I myself am convinced that these spreads like wildfire in churches particularly big ones that is with big crowds and you can't seem to think why is this happening. I am not here to argue about anything with regards to exposing some of the truths that goes to big and popular churches or even to small and local churches. Apostle Paul himself warned the early churches about these, as well as famous men of God like Charles H. Spurgeon.

I would like to share the topics here about the study "Does the Truth Matter Anymore?"
Just click on the given links and listen to the preachings, you can also share it online with friends via twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Digg and many more.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Announcing the Winner for the Virtual Baby Shower Contest

Guys I just want to tell you that I will be announcing today the WINNER for the Jackie's Virtual Baby Shower. Instead of what I promised that I will announce it on November, I will announce it today due to the following reasons:

Jackie's Virtual Baby Shower $20 Give-Away Contest
Guess my Baby(Contest Closed)

1. I got a preterm labor- I was suppose to give birth on November of second week, but God has His own purpose and plan, I gave birth on week 36th last Oct. 9, 2011.

2. I already posted the picture of my baby (BOY) in my Facebook account. So for those who guessed for Girls, sorry guys you cannot enter that $10 contest, but on the other $10.00 which I will still announce the winner after Nov. 3, 2011.

There will still be credited points for those who blogged and joined the contest. So you can still join and win $10.00. So the winner for Guess the Baby is TADAAAAAAAA! None!, sorry guys, all of you entered baby GIRL for the contest. Just wait for the winner of that $10.00 soon to be announced.
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Adgitize September Payment Proof

Happy to receive another payment from my favorite advertising site called Adgitize.  This payment proof is from what I have acquired last month of September for being a publisher and advertiser on their wonderful site. Thanks Ken Brown of Adgitize! May your site continued to grow even more with traffic and faithful supporters.

adgitize,september payout
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Self Employed Vs. Company Employed

I do know that there are lots of people who would have wondered which one is best to choose although obviously they will say Self-employed because you don’t have any boss of your own and you manage your own time. There is also nothing wrong with being company employed because you earn regularly or constantly as long as you are legally employed by the company.

If you are familiar with the Author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiosaki, which mostly advised to be read by people who are into Multi-level marketing or Direct Selling, they would say that there are four types of people in this world.

With money, but has no time
Without money, but has time
With money, but has time
Without money but has no time

Now which of the four types given are you? Most of us even when we’re working, we do ask for a part-time work or pay to get something extra because life these days are hard and we know for the fact that using our time wisely is like saving more money. People tend to do business even if they are already employed. Sounds like a winner to me if I were to choose. People just need to realize the importance also of being company employed because they earn money, and they can save this money to invest in a business.

We do believe that we age as time goes by and not all people can work for a lifetime. Being self-employed needs determination and extra challenge because you are the boss and you need to stand strong in your business. I haven’t seen a person who is self-employed for a reason of short term only, this is a long term run, this means serious business because if you are self-employed you depend on yourself and when there is no money to compensate in your business, you close down.

It is not that easy to be self-employed. You need to study every detail that concerns your business. Some people who thinks that putting up a business is easy just because they have money, but never studied the market and never even considered to be happy with what they do tends to lose grounds easily. Economy is not fixed, it has its own ups and downs so people that stays to run their own business needs constant innovation and mass appeal to the public.

Actually there is a quadrant that Kiosaki mentioned which involves these four (Employment, Big business, Investment and Self-employed or Small Business). There are also formulations on which one earns best and what strategy is good to implement. For now, my topic just talks about the two (company employed and self-employed). It’s a big topic actually which can be chunk into smaller pieces and this is just a nugget of what I will discuss again on my next post. Interesting topic by the way and hope that you may as well have an idea of what I am talking about.
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Friday, October 7, 2011

Aakash, The Worlds Cheapest Tablet is now in India

Would you believe that only for $35 dollars, you would already own your personal tablet? Well, yes as to what the news said regarding the launching of Aakash Tablet which is made in India. But before I let you know about this type of technology, I have listed some of the features of this gadget.

Dimension is 190.5 x 118.5 x 15.7mm
7 inch screen
350 grams in weight
Android 2.2 Froyo
GPRS and wifi enabled
150,000 android apps
2 USB ports
256 MB RAM
2GB flash memory
2 GB Micro SD card expandable to 32GB
2100mAh battery (which lasts 1.5 to 2 hours when watching videos)
366 Mhz processor
Plays 1080p videos

Photo for presentation only

It was built for the advantage of students studying in Universities to encourage them to study technology further on. It will cost them only Rs 1,500 which is also equivalent to $ 31 as the government subsidized it for them. But if this tablet is sold out in the market, the customer’s price range would be amounting to $59, which will not be over Rs 3,000.

Now before you say hooray and yahoo about this technology, there are also CONS or disadvantages about this product. Number one is that it has Resistive Screen, meaning it’s an oldie. Stylus is not included in the price bracket and there is no camera and calling capabilities in this gadget.

Kinda slow if you asked me, but it’s up to you if you are still interested to buy it.
By the way, it was developed and manufactured by a Canadian based firm called Datawind with coordination of course by IIT Rajasthan. If you would just want to be IN and have some experience on using tablets, then you can try out this product which is just cheap. But if you are into quality and you have the budget to buy, needless to say then go on with the quality.
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jackie's Virtual Baby Shower $20 Give-Away Contest

Hello to All, since I am geographically away from you guys, I would like to invite you to have fun with me and my baby for my very first Baby Shower. This is not the normal or regular baby shower you know since I will just be hosting a VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER. All you have to do to participate is that you need to post a picture of an item that you will be giving my baby plus read the criteria on how to join this contest.

Jackie's Virtual Baby Shower $20 Give-Away Contest

Instructions about the Give-Away :

1. If its a boy, don't post any item for baby girl,in this way I may know if you predicted a baby boy or a baby girl for me. Write also if its a gift for baby girl or gift for baby boy (one blog entry only). Post it on your blog and put on the title : My entry for Jackie's Virtual Baby Shower Give-away Contest (Do skip on this part, since this option is already over or CLOSED).

2. Follow me on GFC (Google Friend Connect) 1 entry point

3. Follow me on Networkedblogs (1 entry point)

4. Like me on FB (1 entry point)

5. Share the Contest on FB (Give the Post link) (1 entry point)

6. Follow me on Bloglovin (1 entry point)

7. Follow me on Twitter (1 entry point)

8. Tweet about the Contest (Give the status of your tweet) (1 entry point)

9. Blog about my Contest ( Give your blog url) (2 entry points)

10. Put my contest logo on the side bar of your blog (Give the link) (1 entry point)

Use the Form Below

Total points: 11

Contest starts Oct. 3, 2011 and ends Nov.3, 2011. Winners will be contacted via email. Announcement of winners will be posted first week of November and this is open Internationally as long as you have a valid Paypal account. Winners should respond 24 hours to my email, else I will forfeit the said give-away and draw another winner again.

One winner- ($10.00) via Paypal - who can predict my baby (if its boy or a girl) (the announced winner for this one is after my delivery)

One Winner- ($10.00) via Paypal - for the Virtual Baby Shower Give-away Contest (within first week of Nov.)

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Guys this contest is EXTENDED due to minimal entry. I will be giving others a chance to join so this contest will end till Nov. 20, 2011. Winner will be announce the following day. Thank you for understanding. I will give additional 2 points to the first 3 bloggers who joined.
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Foodie Blogroll Publisher Program

I joined Foodie Blogroll Publisher program months ago and I was just surprised to see a cent given to me on my Paypal account. Actually this publisher program is just new so I tried it since all I needed to do is to post the ads on my blog and wait for a month for them to update the status of my earning.
Pic for representation only

As for their rule they have this NET 60 period which means the earnings you have for the month of July will be given on the month of October which is now.
So what I earned was from that month of July which was just a fresher start, I still don't have any updates on the month of August and September.

The site is still expanding and for sure they needed a lot of things to update members since they don't show on their site the traffic that your site have with the Page Views in it. I don't see how many visitors have clicked the ads and I am not even aware how much traffic that my site gets per country.

Anyway since the site is new, I am just surprised to see 18 cents given to me on my Paypal today.

As for them, assuming that your traffic is from US, if your blog gets 200,000 page views per month, it means you can earn up to $150-$180 in just one ad of (300 x 250) on the sidebar of your blog.

Payment proof for Foodie blogroll

The number of impression for example if it is 200K the CPM rate given is $8, so multiply the amount it will be $1,600. But you can only get $880 from that amount since a publisher gets 55% of the revenue share while the site gets the remaining 45% which is $720.00. This is how they compute the earnings.

If you have more than 2 ads running, you can have the potential to earn more. But as for me, one long ad will do. I still need to learn more about SEO and improving the traffic of my site and I am sure it will take so much effort. Just happy to share what I have for now.
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Feel Like A Million Bucks!

I feel like that whenever I have a grab of super sales, discounts, got a decent sleep where money can’t buy and most of all when my expectations are met. Well nothing much to get you off your feet, but I am just talking about my spending spree Lolz! Not in millions of course, but I have saved super big time on buying online which saved me money commuting, not swiping any card and most of all it was easy transaction.

cute emoticons

This site offers baby stuffs and moms needs which is really what I needed because in due time I will give birth. What I like is that it offers free shipping delivery within India and the mode of payment was C.O.D. Where else can you get that? I mean, hello! For a minimum purchase of $3, your shipping is free, so who would not enjoy such privilege plus the idea that the transaction is easy once you placed the order, any minute the customer representative will call your number to confirm your order.

The process of delivery will take 4-7 days but when I order the last time, it took 5 business days. I am not in a hurry so this idea is good for me and besides their main office is way far from where we are so I still wonder how can their site still earn when the delivery or shipping is free of charge, oh how I wish they will remain like that!

cute emoticons

I just didn’t mention the site for now since I will be reviewing it on my other blog so to protect it, I did not say about it at all here. Well, I am just happy, sharing this feeling to you. What more can I ask for, ahhh wishing to have more savings and money, sigh! I guess all of us need that!
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