Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ordering from IndiaPlaza.Com

Hubby was browsing online and came to a site which is called IndiaPlaza.com. It caters online shopping of furniture, appliances and other electronic gadgets to clothes and so much more. This site offers discounts and promos.

Headset with Mic
order online

I don't know what came to hubby's mind to order a headset since he saw that the price was just Rs99.00 so he opted to try and buy the said item. It was a generic headset with nothing so fancy on it like a built-in equalizer or something special. But he said that we can still use it for chat purpose so I said, okay, just order it.

It was delivered 2-3 business days via Blue Dart courier and was paid using EBS (Electronic Banking System). The packaging of Indiaplaza.com was just so-so pertaining to the headset box, well it was just average to low.

Headset ordered online with discount

The item that was delivered was working well and as I have said, nothing so extra about the headset, just the heck of ordering a simple one to use for chatting. The design was also equal to the price amount asked by the site and I can say that it was just affordable, easy to use and nothing complicated about it.

Receipt from Indiaplaza.com

Disclaimer: This is not a product review and this article is not influenced by any marketing and advertising media. This is purely my own opinion as a consumer and I also warn people not to use my article for their own benefit.


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