Saturday, October 1, 2011

Feel Like A Million Bucks!

I feel like that whenever I have a grab of super sales, discounts, got a decent sleep where money can’t buy and most of all when my expectations are met. Well nothing much to get you off your feet, but I am just talking about my spending spree Lolz! Not in millions of course, but I have saved super big time on buying online which saved me money commuting, not swiping any card and most of all it was easy transaction.

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This site offers baby stuffs and moms needs which is really what I needed because in due time I will give birth. What I like is that it offers free shipping delivery within India and the mode of payment was C.O.D. Where else can you get that? I mean, hello! For a minimum purchase of $3, your shipping is free, so who would not enjoy such privilege plus the idea that the transaction is easy once you placed the order, any minute the customer representative will call your number to confirm your order.

The process of delivery will take 4-7 days but when I order the last time, it took 5 business days. I am not in a hurry so this idea is good for me and besides their main office is way far from where we are so I still wonder how can their site still earn when the delivery or shipping is free of charge, oh how I wish they will remain like that!

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I just didn’t mention the site for now since I will be reviewing it on my other blog so to protect it, I did not say about it at all here. Well, I am just happy, sharing this feeling to you. What more can I ask for, ahhh wishing to have more savings and money, sigh! I guess all of us need that!


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