Sunday, October 2, 2011

Foodie Blogroll Publisher Program

I joined Foodie Blogroll Publisher program months ago and I was just surprised to see a cent given to me on my Paypal account. Actually this publisher program is just new so I tried it since all I needed to do is to post the ads on my blog and wait for a month for them to update the status of my earning.
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As for their rule they have this NET 60 period which means the earnings you have for the month of July will be given on the month of October which is now.
So what I earned was from that month of July which was just a fresher start, I still don't have any updates on the month of August and September.

The site is still expanding and for sure they needed a lot of things to update members since they don't show on their site the traffic that your site have with the Page Views in it. I don't see how many visitors have clicked the ads and I am not even aware how much traffic that my site gets per country.

Anyway since the site is new, I am just surprised to see 18 cents given to me on my Paypal today.

As for them, assuming that your traffic is from US, if your blog gets 200,000 page views per month, it means you can earn up to $150-$180 in just one ad of (300 x 250) on the sidebar of your blog.

Payment proof for Foodie blogroll

The number of impression for example if it is 200K the CPM rate given is $8, so multiply the amount it will be $1,600. But you can only get $880 from that amount since a publisher gets 55% of the revenue share while the site gets the remaining 45% which is $720.00. This is how they compute the earnings.

If you have more than 2 ads running, you can have the potential to earn more. But as for me, one long ad will do. I still need to learn more about SEO and improving the traffic of my site and I am sure it will take so much effort. Just happy to share what I have for now.


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So how much traffic do ( did) you have?

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