Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Does the Truth Still Matters?

I just heard this sermon from Pastor John Macarthur about the important things the churches are going through. Changes that leads to improvement as they say but diminishes the very essence of the Word of God. It is a series of preachings and it was very vital for every true believer of Christ to hear so that they may be aware of what the churches are doing now these days.


I myself am convinced that these spreads like wildfire in churches particularly big ones that is with big crowds and you can't seem to think why is this happening. I am not here to argue about anything with regards to exposing some of the truths that goes to big and popular churches or even to small and local churches. Apostle Paul himself warned the early churches about these, as well as famous men of God like Charles H. Spurgeon.

I would like to share the topics here about the study "Does the Truth Matter Anymore?"
Just click on the given links and listen to the preachings, you can also share it online with friends via twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Digg and many more.


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