Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here Comes the Month of November

Time flies by so fast. Can't believe that month of November is coming and so many things in stored again for this busy month. November was suppose to be the month where I will give birth but God has a wonderful plan and He gave us our little one in advance when this month of October I gave birth to our handsome baby boy.

November is also the month of my dad's birthday, it is also the month on where I will be posting soon the winner for my very first online contest which I posted this month of October. November is also the month where I needed to renew my ads for Adgitize and I hope that I will be able to fill in those days I did not post anything on my other blog sites.

In other countries, they celebrate Halloween and Trick or Treat will not be skipped by kids by clothing themselves with spooky Halloween costumes and getting sweets like candies and chocolates. I am much more anticipating on Christmas celebration rather than Halloween. Anyway, hows your schedule for this month of November?


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