Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 is almost done, hello year 2012

Four more days to go and here comes year 2012. Time flies by so fast, it was just two weeks ago that typhoon struck Southern part of the Philippines and many have died. The survivors lived their lives not as the same as before and we can see the message of what God tells us humans.

Happy New Year
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Now that 2012 is coming, we all hope for a better life, happy or joyful. But whatever is your New Years resolution, your vow, your expectations what is important is that we will only do what is the will of God, to grow in our spiritual life, be fruitful and share the blessings to others.

Wishing you all a Blessed New Year. Be safe and don't pollute the environment by using those dangerous fire crackers. You not only endanger the life of others but your health and safety too.


moirai said...

A blessed new year to you too! =)

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Elvirah said...

Yes the New year is just few days from today and its like 2011 has begun just recently and within a blink of an eye its going to disappear now. But the good thing is we are going to soon welcome our new year 2012 with the new hopes. Wish you also a Happy and a blessed New Year.


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