Monday, December 19, 2011

Joining Stay at Home Blessings $14 Adgitize ads Giveaway

"This is my entry to Stay at Home Blessings Adgitize Ad Giveaway. Join and win one month blog advertising worth $14."

I remember my very first online income comes from a forum site that gives you pay per post. Although that site was already gone, it was the stepping stone to venture on working online since I was a SAHWM (Stay at Home Wife and Mother). It was really convenient to earn some income while you are at home taking care of your children.

I also ventured on using PTC sites, paid to posts sites, surveys, reviewing stuffs and get paid and so much more. Although for this year, I didn't fully put my potential into full force because of my pregnancy and giving birth. Although I still earn money from updating my blogsites and getting some money from Adgitize, I still wanted to do more but I am just limited to do so because of time.

What I also enjoy doing online now was joining online contests and win. I also hosted a contest or give-away online last November which is also fun to have. For now, my purpose is to improve more on my SEO on my blogsite and have more money on my advertising.

Join now, contest is open from Dec. 18, 2011 till January 5, 2012.


Chin chin said...

Hello Jackie, thanks for joining Stay at Home Blessings' giveaway. I started with online earning in the same way as you - PTC sites then blogging/writing. I hope you would have more earning opportunities online. God bless.

air said...

I also join in this give away too I believe that we are only 3, sir rob me and you jackie

Chin chin said...

Hello Jackie, there are changes in Adgitize so I had updated also my blog giveaway. Please visit my blog to see the changes and how you can gain another entry.

Happy New Year!

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