Friday, December 30, 2011

Adgitize Bids Adios

I have been a member of Adgitize for so long but it was just 8 months that I really concentrated and used their system. In fact, this was the very first advertising site that I trusted whole- heartedly because I know that Ken Brown was honest helping the members boost on their blog site.


I will really miss this site especially Ken on reminding members about their promo, about tips and some tricks he share on his forum. Aside from that, I will miss to interact with other bloggers in forum and also clicking the ads of other fellow bloggers.

I was one of those advertisers who were grateful to Ken and Adgitize because it improved my page rank and traffic. How I just wish that the site will last for more but things we cannot just change and handle. I wish Ken Brown the best on his next venture. Thank you Adgitize for being a friend to us bloggers.

Below is the proof on how my earnings are at Adgitize, of course the month of December is not yet included here, but I will post if given a time.

adgitize summary

Thank you Adgitize for everything! I will really miss you!


aynzan said...

I will miss Adgitize too.And all the fellow bloggers.But I will continue to visit their blogs via entrecard.

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