Monday, December 12, 2011

A Samsung mobile for hubby

This mobile was ordered online via Home, it was fast to be delivered and the transaction went smoothly without any problem. Hubby needed to get a mobile since he was borrowing my mobile as I used his old mobile at home since it has issues with the battery.

Anyway this is not a review about the product Samsung. If I have the time, I will then post it on my review blog site so that you might also know something about the mobile Samsung Galaxy Y. I will also keep aside the review of the online shop we bought this mobile of course.

Anyway, I just wanted to share how it was delivered and I was the one who de-boxed it since hubby was at work during the delivery. It was an android phone which is easy but very sensitive to operate. Although the only thing that puzzles hubby was the connection using WIFI since he has been trying to tag it using our home wireless connection to be used in this mobile but up till now, it is still a puzzle to him. Anyway, check this out.

Here is the package that I personally received

Address attached in the delivered box

I removed the outer covering and here is the box

A box inside a box, this is the mobile's box

Hello Samsung Galaxy Y (young)

the mobile was kept safe inside

all the goodies inside

Free 2GB Memory Card

A great mobile to use and hope it will last for years, what a Christmas gift treat anyway! Have a pleasant week ahead!


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