Friday, March 4, 2011

Exercise: A Day at Makati Park

It’s not a daily routine that we go visit Makati Park for an exercise. We do have busy schedules to keep and even sometimes the weather does not cooperate so we don’t have a regular exercise at the park nearest to our place.
Call us a health buff or not, but exercise is really good for the body and it gives us the opportunity to also appreciate the surroundings in the park and view Pasig river which is just beside it. My family and I started to visit the park nearby because my parents really needed to exercise their bones and they are also of age. We do eat fresh fruits and veggies and we do limit them to eat red meat. Anyway back to the park, it was a clean park kept and managed by the City of Makati.
One of the Fountains in Makati Park
makati park2

Mainly the people of Makati would benefit from this park. Whatever the occasion may be a body exercise, study or for practice, events for special occasions such as weddings and birthday celebrations, Makati Park is known for versatility.
Enjoying Makati Park with my beloved
makati park1

I did enjoy Walk exercise and some stretching. It was also my first time to tag along my hubby who was taking a vacation in my country Philippines. Although he wasn’t in his sports gear when he came with us since he is just wearing flip flops. But anyway, the main purpose here is just to be with the family and enjoy the day at the park while we take some interesting pictures.
I just don’t like to see caged birds there. It makes me sad to see them not living their life in their natural habitat. In India, birds are free to fly, animals are born free to roam the streets and that’s in their culture already because every life there they respect. But anyway, this is Philippines, it is not the same.
Oriental touch right at the heart of Makati Park
makati park 3

Makati Park can be more improved if they have put some playground for the kids to enjoy. By the way, pets or animals are not allowed inside. If you think that you can exercise there with your pet dog, well better leave those pets at home because the security guard won’t allow you with your pet.
Caged Bird at the Park
caged bird

The water to where the fishes swim like Kois and local gourami fishes would be so lovely to look at if they also maintain and keep the water cleaner. Just an observation that I write here and I have nothing against Makati Park or anyone who manages it. About the caged animals, well I really don’t like the idea of a zoo, it’ just my cup of tea folks. Anyway, every day they keep the Park clean as much as possible. The security is also safe and there are guards who monitor the place and check the students who are also there. They see to it that the park would not be vandalized by anyone or no illegal activities will happen there as this park is just near school and City University.
A lone, lonely loner.. Sad Philippine Eagle
caged bird2
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