Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nike to the Rescue

It’s been a year that hubby was using his Fila shoes and it needs to be replaced since it is already saying adios amigos. I thought he’d be buying the same line of shoes which is Fila since most of his previous shoes were Fila brands but this time, he shifts to Nike, not because of the brand but because of the price.

Nike Zoom Air Black
nike zoomair

I mean Fila is not that expensive than Nike shoes, although there was this shop in Malad that sells shoes for the price of half since they are just imitated brands. Opps there goes, it’s not just slipped of the tongue, what else to do but to save some money, he is not so fuzzy about brands and prices and showing off expensive stuffs to meet his ends, so he decided to buy one. After all I asked him, will that be comfortable? He said yes, the price is cheaper and he said that he can’t do anything but to stretch his rupee at this point in time.

Who am I to disagree? Maybe if I can give him also a share, as much as I want too, I would only opt for him to buy the best. But I understand that we need to save money for our coming baby, so what the heck, original or not, he needs a shoe, so he bought it. After all, who would think it is the original brand, would they sniff it, would they look at the soles, the label inside and the stitch?

Nike, Just Do it!
nike,black rubber,shoes

Sometimes, I get to think that being smart to shopping is more important not because we wanted to promote piracy and such but because it was what our budget suggests. I don’t seem to blame others who would just prefer to buy when there is no other option, I am not talking about pirated CDs or DVDs, but only to imitated clothes and shoe brands. Anyway as long as it looks nice on you and you look decent, I would go for it.
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Winner in a Raffle Draw

A month ago someone called my husband to inform him that his name was selected as winner in the Gatorade Promo Contest. He didn’t doubt it because he really participated in the said promo since he bought two carton packs of Gatorade drink. This Gatorade is not in a bottle form which is ready to drink, this is a powder mix Gatorade in sachet packets which is so economical and you can carry it along with you. All you needed is cold water and a bottle container and mix the powder as you shake it well.

Reebok T-shirt delivered from Delhi
reebok,black shirt,ICC cricket cup

Anyway the prize was a t-shirt, no big deal although it took them two weeks to deliver the said t-shirt in a courier. It was a polyester t-shirt which is black in color and size was Large which is perfect for hubby. I did open the package and took pictures of it and I was laughing a lot to see that there is a price tag included in the shirt as if we still needed to pay for its price.

Black collared Polyester shirt with printed ICC Cricket World Cup 2011
winner,gatorade shirt

Gatorade printed at the back of the shirt
shirt promo

Anyway the shirt was good as it was Reebok with ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 label in front which India won. It took them 20 long years to get the title back and it was really another history for India to win the said sports event.

Price tag still included Rs999
tag price

As far as I can remember, I never won any prize in a raffle ticket draws yet. My mom and my youngest brother were able to win or should I say lucky in these types of draws. Well, anyway just giving thanks to God about this blessing.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Change Costume?

Yesterday we went to the nearest local market in our place to look for a maternity dress. Actually my idea was to search for a chudidar or suit since I can just ask the tailor for my size. Although most of the textile in the market was all glittery and shiny, I really needed to skip such since I don’t like to feel itchy.

I was looking for any cotton, silk, chiffon or synthetic clothing which will not be that hot to wear. Most of what I have found was too heavy, too thick and full of sequence which I will be uncomfortable to wear.Well the price may still be reasonable but then it’s not in the occasion so hubby and I still looked around and found some ready-to-wear dresses that were just perfect.

Red dress with green satin stitched design
red dress,red tops,blouse

Last week we went to mall to look for the same but to my dismay the prices were so expensive and the quality was not. From maternity pants to tops, it does not even impress me. Probably if I were back home, I’d be looking around Divi or Baclaran and still can find cheaper but good quality dress material but anyway I’m already here so I needed to just select something which is bigger than my regular size.

Red orange dress but looks pinkish in this photo
pink tops

Floral Chiffon Pants
chiffon pants,floral

I’m not after long sleeves but when I saw these clothes, I like the color and the design and that made me buy it. I know that I can still wear these clothes whenever we travel back to Goa. The textile was just cotton although the pants are chiffon and I can pair it with my other blouse or tops. I was really happy for the loot and we were also able to bargain for the price and the vendor gave us Rs50.00 discount. It will always be good to hunt down clothes on local market rather than malls.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day Special

No vacation breaks, no overtime pays, no yearly bonus and yet moms have been there for us to offer their lives and sacrifice for our own sake. It is really a difficult job to consider and yet mothers around the world serve their families with all their heart. Now is the time that we give them the best.

My beautiful mom!

I like to greet my mom a Happy Mother’s Day. I used to remember when we were young and she prepares breakfast for us before we go off to school. I remember that even if I don’t like the baon (milk and boiled egg) she would pack for me coz I get used to it, she would never forget to include it in my recess bag. Life was simple during those days and at P1.00 in my pocket, sometimes I don’t even have, I can already buy a lot for recess like nutri bun (bread) and champorado (chocolate porridge). I have learned good discipline from my parents and we studied very well because of them.

2nd row (standing), 3rd from left, holding me was my mom!

I know that my mom is strict when it comes to cleanliness inside the house. She would not want us to mess around and if there’s something in the house we moved, be sure we need to place them back where they belong or else we will get a sermon from her. She is the one who invoked us to study well, work neatly inside and out and be polite to people.

Mom during our Girl Scout/Boy Scout Month in school

They have brought us in this world to get to know more about God. I have seen the faith that they have and it moved us. It changed our lifestyle, our concept and the way we were today was all because of them. I am sure that I cannot pay back whatever they have showed us.

It is something that I can be thankful for the rest of my days that God has given us a mom to guide us and now that I will also be a mom soon, I will need to do the same way like the way they have brought us, to grow in the knowledge of Christ. To all the mommies, mom, mama, nanay, inay, मां, 母亲,ma, a Blessed Mother’s Day to You!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is the Purpose of Prayer?

I guess you must have read a lot of books regarding prayer, the kind of prayer that God likes, the ways how to pray and the like. There are so many things I can think of why prayer is important. First of all prayer is a communication between you and God. It is the only way how we can say our request and our petition, one of the ways we can say thank you to Him and give reverence to Him. Prayer should always be from our hearts, not just meaningless words that comes out of our mouth or worst is memorized or spoken redundantly which is a vain babbling like the pagans do.


Prayer for me is a powerful tool because it plays a vital role in our Spiritual life and in our relationship to God. We do know that God asks us to pray without ceasing ( 1 Thes. 5:17). But what is really the purpose of it? Why do we need to pray? Is it only because we needed something? Is it because we asked of God intensely that we just remembered to pray?

Prayer should always be the lifestyle of every Christian. Your life will never be complete if you don’t pray. It’s like the air that you breathe, which is part of you. The purpose of prayer is so important so that we can do what God’s will is by the power of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is needed to break barriers and destroy the works of the enemy. Prayer is important so that every man and woman who has faith in Jesus Christ and who truly obeys and follows the Word of God will be able to request and petition God concerning the salvation of those who are still lost.

The purpose of prayer is to ask God to empower us in our daily life since the enemy is there to attack us. We just don’t pray for our own self, but we do pray for our family, our friends, our relatives, our beloved and most important to the workers of Christ who are our Pastors, our Church leaders, our Missionaries and everyone who works at the vineyard of God.

Prayer strengthens us and helps us to be encouraged. Prayer is also important because it gives us opportunity to seek God more in our life and ask for repentance if there is something that hinders our walk. We cannot start anything if we did not pray for it since our ways is not God’s way and we are reminded to rely on God alone and that is why we need to pray.

Prayer is simply calling God (Jer. 33:3). If there is one thing that God should remind His people is to always pray because there is victory to it. I don’t mind if it takes you a minute or an hour to pray, but what is important that when we pray, we are asking God for guidance and forgiveness so that whenever we come before His throne of Grace, He is there to answer us.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

What is your Food Budget?

Someone may have asked this in a forum where I am participating at. If you were to live a P50 peso budget, what will your budget consist. Well actually, there are a lot of things to explain when you were asked this question. When it comes to budgeting, you also need to consider the number of people who will eat then the prices of commodities in the market to range the value of the food since we all know that living in the metropolitan city is far more expensive than the cost of living in the provinces.

A sample picture for budgeted food

The main problem is that how can you fit that P50.00 if the number of persons to eat is more than 5. It will be impossible if you ask me because the prices of rice today are not even lower than P30.00. Ahh, I would exclude on NFA rice price. I am just talking about the regular rice price in the local market. A local Juan dela Cruz would buy veggies for a meal and rice for his family. But if you were to exclude the rice and that P50 is only allotted for food alone, then I can suggest a lot of options, which is okay for two to three persons, not five.

A P50.00 pesos budget for a housewife that considers healthy and nutritious meal would include mung bean sprout and local tofu (tokwa) which is just cheaper because you won’t be including any meat in your dish. You can also add some soup in packets which only costs about P12 pesos plus. Another variant that I can suggest is eggplant and egg for torta and then a veggie soup which consists of only buying a chicken brought cubes, one small piece of sayote and dahon ng sili which can already taste like tinola without buying chicken of course.

Prices of goods increase every week due to oil price hike and there is nothing we can do if our government just allows private oil companies to raise their prices. A housewife will do what is best for her family without sacrificing their health when buying veggies. Although I still not suggest on buying canned foods and ready to eat meals because they are not good for our health. Fresh veggies locally grown are still the best option when it comes to stretching our peso value and saving something.

A wife should also be creative to think what she may offer and cook so that the family can still enjoy their meal even on a crisis situation; excluding the choosy ones of course. Some also suggest planting these veggies at home if they have allotted space or pots where these veggies can still grow. Well the possibility is there but it is still your decision whether you have a green thumb or not. But definitely, it can add more to your saving if you just harvest your own veggies in your own homes. I do like the idea but the question is, when will I do that, heheh!

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