Monday, May 2, 2011

What is your Food Budget?

Someone may have asked this in a forum where I am participating at. If you were to live a P50 peso budget, what will your budget consist. Well actually, there are a lot of things to explain when you were asked this question. When it comes to budgeting, you also need to consider the number of people who will eat then the prices of commodities in the market to range the value of the food since we all know that living in the metropolitan city is far more expensive than the cost of living in the provinces.

A sample picture for budgeted food

The main problem is that how can you fit that P50.00 if the number of persons to eat is more than 5. It will be impossible if you ask me because the prices of rice today are not even lower than P30.00. Ahh, I would exclude on NFA rice price. I am just talking about the regular rice price in the local market. A local Juan dela Cruz would buy veggies for a meal and rice for his family. But if you were to exclude the rice and that P50 is only allotted for food alone, then I can suggest a lot of options, which is okay for two to three persons, not five.

A P50.00 pesos budget for a housewife that considers healthy and nutritious meal would include mung bean sprout and local tofu (tokwa) which is just cheaper because you won’t be including any meat in your dish. You can also add some soup in packets which only costs about P12 pesos plus. Another variant that I can suggest is eggplant and egg for torta and then a veggie soup which consists of only buying a chicken brought cubes, one small piece of sayote and dahon ng sili which can already taste like tinola without buying chicken of course.

Prices of goods increase every week due to oil price hike and there is nothing we can do if our government just allows private oil companies to raise their prices. A housewife will do what is best for her family without sacrificing their health when buying veggies. Although I still not suggest on buying canned foods and ready to eat meals because they are not good for our health. Fresh veggies locally grown are still the best option when it comes to stretching our peso value and saving something.

A wife should also be creative to think what she may offer and cook so that the family can still enjoy their meal even on a crisis situation; excluding the choosy ones of course. Some also suggest planting these veggies at home if they have allotted space or pots where these veggies can still grow. Well the possibility is there but it is still your decision whether you have a green thumb or not. But definitely, it can add more to your saving if you just harvest your own veggies in your own homes. I do like the idea but the question is, when will I do that, heheh!


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