Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nike to the Rescue

It’s been a year that hubby was using his Fila shoes and it needs to be replaced since it is already saying adios amigos. I thought he’d be buying the same line of shoes which is Fila since most of his previous shoes were Fila brands but this time, he shifts to Nike, not because of the brand but because of the price.

Nike Zoom Air Black
nike zoomair

I mean Fila is not that expensive than Nike shoes, although there was this shop in Malad that sells shoes for the price of half since they are just imitated brands. Opps there goes, it’s not just slipped of the tongue, what else to do but to save some money, he is not so fuzzy about brands and prices and showing off expensive stuffs to meet his ends, so he decided to buy one. After all I asked him, will that be comfortable? He said yes, the price is cheaper and he said that he can’t do anything but to stretch his rupee at this point in time.

Who am I to disagree? Maybe if I can give him also a share, as much as I want too, I would only opt for him to buy the best. But I understand that we need to save money for our coming baby, so what the heck, original or not, he needs a shoe, so he bought it. After all, who would think it is the original brand, would they sniff it, would they look at the soles, the label inside and the stitch?

Nike, Just Do it!
nike,black rubber,shoes

Sometimes, I get to think that being smart to shopping is more important not because we wanted to promote piracy and such but because it was what our budget suggests. I don’t seem to blame others who would just prefer to buy when there is no other option, I am not talking about pirated CDs or DVDs, but only to imitated clothes and shoe brands. Anyway as long as it looks nice on you and you look decent, I would go for it.


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