Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day Special

No vacation breaks, no overtime pays, no yearly bonus and yet moms have been there for us to offer their lives and sacrifice for our own sake. It is really a difficult job to consider and yet mothers around the world serve their families with all their heart. Now is the time that we give them the best.

My beautiful mom!

I like to greet my mom a Happy Mother’s Day. I used to remember when we were young and she prepares breakfast for us before we go off to school. I remember that even if I don’t like the baon (milk and boiled egg) she would pack for me coz I get used to it, she would never forget to include it in my recess bag. Life was simple during those days and at P1.00 in my pocket, sometimes I don’t even have, I can already buy a lot for recess like nutri bun (bread) and champorado (chocolate porridge). I have learned good discipline from my parents and we studied very well because of them.

2nd row (standing), 3rd from left, holding me was my mom!

I know that my mom is strict when it comes to cleanliness inside the house. She would not want us to mess around and if there’s something in the house we moved, be sure we need to place them back where they belong or else we will get a sermon from her. She is the one who invoked us to study well, work neatly inside and out and be polite to people.

Mom during our Girl Scout/Boy Scout Month in school

They have brought us in this world to get to know more about God. I have seen the faith that they have and it moved us. It changed our lifestyle, our concept and the way we were today was all because of them. I am sure that I cannot pay back whatever they have showed us.

It is something that I can be thankful for the rest of my days that God has given us a mom to guide us and now that I will also be a mom soon, I will need to do the same way like the way they have brought us, to grow in the knowledge of Christ. To all the mommies, mom, mama, nanay, inay, मां, 母亲,ma, a Blessed Mother’s Day to You!


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