Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stay at Home Blessings 4th Year Blogging Giveaway

I posted before that I am joining Stay at Home Blessings $14 Adgitize Ads give-away. well since that sad news broke last two days ago that Adgitize will now close down, Mommy Chin has updated us that her give away will be changed.

There will be two winners, one for one year domain name and one winner for 125 x 125 banner ad to be posted on her blog for a month. So friends if you like to join the contest, just click the banner below and follow the instruction.

Contest is open till January 15, 2012. Hoping to win this time if I am lucky :)


Chin chin said...

Thanks for making this post again. Happy New Year.

Chin chin said...

Hi Jhing. Congratulations! You won the one-year dot com domain name in Stay at Home Blessings' giveaway. Could you just please drop by my blog and leave a comment to let me know what dot com domain name you want. You need to open a GoDaddy account so that I could transfer the domain name to your account. I could also just give you $10 by Paypal if you wish so you could do what you want with it. Let me know your Paypal ID in a comment (I won't publish it if you do) or through my contact form.

Chin chin said...

Hi Jhing. Just sent you the prize. Please confirm receipt. Thanks.

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