Monday, October 24, 2011

Diwali is Just Around the Corner

Diwali is a celebration held in India for their festival of lights. No wonder this month of October, you can now feel that it is Christmas because of the fire crackers and colorful fireworks display outside. Every Hindu houses have colorful lights in their house.


They offer food to their so called "holy cows" and some that observe witch craft and sorcery go to graveyards and perform rituals to gain mystical powers as they may say. During this festival they also honor their gods like Ganesha (god of learning and wisdom) and Lakshmi (their god of wealth). This is all Hindu based belief for your information.

Our landlord usually give us sweets since Diwali is also sharing sweet foods to people. I don't know what that signifies but anyway these snacks and sweet treats are mostly made from milk and sugar and all vegetarian of course. Fireworks materials are abundantly sold on streets by hawkers and local stores and kids just cannot stop to play.

Sounds of drums and some instruments are being played outside as they celebrate and you can see some parade. It will be a very busy street and expect traffic particularly Oct. 26, 2011, where they will celebrate this festival.

For me, this festival has no difference with other festivals they do. Their culture speaks clearly about their belief and for the person who is happy to criticize me on my blog, well I can say you are the one who is a HYPOCRITE despite the fact that you are angry at me and picking at me instead of a brotherly love, how dare you say you are a Christian too when you don't seem to display any humbleness and love towards your sister.

Pardon me on my tone, but this is my blogsite, I am here to share what I have in mind, what I experience and if you get hurt by my article, I'm sorry, I am not talking to you alone, it is not address just for you so widen your understanding.

I have written something about Hindu belief, then probably you might say why I am sharing it when I am a Christian. No need to explain it to you, especially if you don't want to listen. I am not here to argue also. I pray that God will forgive me if I hurt you, just do pray and focus on God more and develop your faith to Him who is Faithful and Just to forgive us of our sins.

Now, going back to my topic, I have just shared what is Diwali and when is it going to be held. It has nothing to do with my personal belief as a Christian, so please don't get me wrong.


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