Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Devastating Typhoon in the Philippines

Brace yourself for another typhoon especially if you’re in the Philippines. Pedring did caused a lot of property damages plus lives taken away even if how much the weather bureau or PAG-ASA announced that it will be a strong typhoon. I have been watching online news since I was living abroad and for me; I really feel the need to pray for my loved ones who are also affected by this uncomfortable situation. The hand of God is heavy for those who opposes Him or disobeys Him.

Storm Pedring, pic for illustration only

I am not surprised anymore that my country is always visited by typhoons within a year. But if the true people of God will pray for their country, God would spare, save and protect them from these calamities. Now another typhoon has entered the PAR (Philippine Area of responsibility) and it was moving towards the northern part of the Philippines.

They call this incoming typhoon Quiel which will be of the same wind strength as Pedring. A lot of farmers and fishermen’s livelihood had been in jeopardy and wants the help of the government to back them up for financial support due to their loses. I understood that it is never easy to plant, nurture and grow your crop, it takes time and a lot of money to invest, same as the fishermen.

Now that another typhoon is coming, I hope that people will be more careful and follow the instructions given to them by their local barangay officials. What is good is that Filipinos do help hand in hand when calamities such as this strike the country. I pray for more evacuation centers and responsive help of the community like those who can donate food, clothing and shelter for makeshifts just to ease the problem of most of our countrymen. We can surpass this trial once again if we will just help hand in hand.


Anonymous said...

Quiel is a weird but nice name. I will marry my baby boy (if ever I will have) in the future. Here in Cebu, we did have rains but that was it. Still hot and humid. I hope the typhoon gets out or shift its direction so the country will be spared.

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