Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jaw Dropping Junior Masterchef (Pinoy Edition) Show

I really can’t believe what my eyes have seen. Kids at an early age are cooking? Can handle pressure in the kitchen! And can also think of a recipe impromptu as the ingredients are given straight in their faces and they need to pick up their chosen ingredients to cook what they have in mind.

junior chef

Wow! My jaws really dropped out when I saw those young Filipino kids cook excellent and exciting dishes. In fact, I was really challenged because good for them they have started this passion for cooking at an early age. I haven’t tried baking and this is what I really desire to learn. It is not that easy because it will take also a budget for the recipes and practice to make the recipe perfect.

I have seen the effort of those kids as well as their desire to cook. In my early childhood days, I experienced to participate in an inter-school cooking competition. At first my teacher in home economics shared me the recipe to prepare but I was really scared on splashing hot oil that is why when I first started to sauté pork with garlic and onions, I was really scared of that hot oil.

Anyway, as they say practice makes perfect. I did not win that said competition but the experience was really exciting. From what I have seen online, I was really amazed because those Pinoy kids were able to execute foreign dessert recipes with ease particularly on baking which I haven’t tried. They even showcased dessert recipes which I have just encountered hearing today and I am now curious to find out what those recipes are but of course, it will not be done by today since I don’t own an oven yet, lolz!

Good work for parents who have encouraged their kids not just to cook but to have that passion to be a chef someday. I guess this generation is really something to look forward too. One contestant also said that she learned the recipe online and the judges were also amazed to hear what technology can do for kids who also are eager to learn more and uses the advantages of information superhighway.

I also wanted to influence my kids to participate on cooking such as that. Actually, I really don’t mind if they wanted to help me in the kitchen and cook, I will be so delighted. Cooking is something that you cannot just dictate, it is a continuous process of learning and it can be an art itself. Good to watch such shows like this because it is really educational and it moulds interest of those aspiring to be good chefs someday.


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