Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Value of your Money

Recession hits not only the third world countries but influential countries such as US and Europe. During this crisis, what is the best way to fight global recession and poverty? Every day I do hear people complain about prices of fuel always increasing. Aside from that, commercial goods and commodities tend to race with the competing value of gasoline.

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From foods, to clothing to house rentals where these three are the basic requirements needed by man, we tend to do everything possible to make both ends meet. Some do hunt for two or more jobs. Others do tend to save money by cutting off other expenses and services they tend to just to cope up with everyday living.

The value of money these days seems to weaken and weaken. People should observe discipline and know how to tighten their belts so that they can survive. Spending less and saving more is the key. Here are some ways you can spend less and save more:

Spending Less:

What are the ways that we need to spend less with? Start with your food budget; instead of getting that brand you like, opt to something which is more economical or lesser in price. Instead of frequent buying to groceries and malls, visit the nearest local wet and dry market to buy your food. Prices in local market are cheaper because their rent is less and the variety to choose an item is plenty.

Going out for a movie is not economical these days, not unless you really have a budget. But if you are like me, I’d be skipping on movie dates and just settle back home and wait for the movies to be showed online or in television. We also skipped dining out since fees for dining in increased, not only on the tariff but also on the food selections. Home cooked meals will be better and healthier.

Buy only what is needed. When you go to a mall or grocery, be sure you have a list and strictly follow your list. This means no more impulsive buying for you. If you have a credit card, better maintain only one and surrender the rest of the cards. This is the main reasons why most people are buried in debt because they carry 3 to 5 credit cards and swipe them all till they worry the next payday. What is scary is that when their next payout is released, it’s not enough to cover their expenses and the tendency is debt growing in interests.

Walk and exercise if the place you have to go to is just a few blocks away rather than using your vehicle so that you can save some gas. When you don’t have any food stock in the fridge, you can also turn off your fridge for quite some time; this will also help cut off some electricity bills. See to it that there is no leak in your pipes so that you can save on water bills and schedule your laundry so that you won’t be spending too much on water and electricity.

Unplugging appliances not in use is also a good way to save electricity. For mommies here, schedule ironing clothes. Recycle those items that can still be use and keep those bottles and newspapers handy for junk shops, you can earn something from that. Next time, I will be posting on my blog what items can we still buy on a certain value.


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