Friday, March 29, 2013

First Payout on Experts Column

 Finally, after so many year! nahh just kidding. It has been a year since I stopped writing on Experts Column , now I did have my payment. Well, to tell you honestly, I did stopped because when I got pregnant and gave birth, I take care of my baby so I don't have enough time to write and update my blog.

Its not because the site is bad, but because I am hands-on on taking care of my little one. I actually have written 5 articles on that site, but I didn't know that the audience would balloon up to 4K plus and that is how I was able to cash out Five dollars.

Experts Column is a good site for writers. You just need to write more than 300 words and must take note of the instructions included in the site. You have to generate viewers so that you can be paid faster. The more your articles are viewed, the better. Same formula like here on this blog site, the more visitors you have, the better will be your income.

Thanks to EC, glad to write back more articles there.


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