Friday, August 19, 2011

Facebook Madness

Are your parents on Facebook? Well, I don’t mind if my parents are besides, in this generation where people of all nations and race do have their own Facebook account. I was really surprise that the advancement of information superhighway leads younger generations to take part of such social networking sites. By the way, I am not promoting the said social site. To think that there is Twitter, Myspace, Google +, Friendster, Tagged, Orkut and so much more to join into but as what we all do know Facebook has the edge.

I am more concerned of kids joining such social networking sites rather than mature and old individuals such as my parents. By the way, my dad has two accounts which I don’t know why but exclude my mom into this since she’s not into computers and stuffs. Kids as young like my niece and other nephews do have Facebook account and their classmates tag them too as they use this medium to communicate.

During our time (not that old of course) we were just content of sending beeper messages to friends. Internet usage and exposure is not that much which we only use for research in college and helping us in our assignments. But in this generation were gadgets explode (kaboom) like it’s selling hot, you can use Ipad, Wifi-ready mobiles, laptops, and desktops, name it just to connect to your FB account, it is possible.

You try to check what’s in store for the day; see your friends’ status and what’s the latest chika or news in the market. You can never be outdated whenever you are plugged into Facebook. I will no longer wonder the success that brought Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook since this social network site gave advancement to connect old friends, old flames, enemies, relatives and so much more.

They have added features that make users go gaga over googoo which means crazy. Games like Farmville and other FB games made my brother and father instant farmers. I just don’t have the time to play so I skipped on those offers by friends who were playing different games too. Now that they have added online chat with cam, it is much better. Hope that they can improve their chat into conference type so that I would not grope my way to use their chat option.

I also take advantage of free advertisement since I can link my blog site articles into Facebook where I can share it to friends. I also like to create a page section so that I can gain more Networkblogged friends. I just hope they would not restrict posting links there as long as there will be no spammers. I don’t know about the costs of advertising a site, but for me, it is a great offer for exposure particularly if you do have an online business to keep. Facebook does help drive traffic to blogs and bloggers really have to use this kind of technology that social network sites offer.


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