Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Condemning Crush Videos Online

It is very sickening to see such people enjoy and have pleasure of killing innocent animals and pets and to think that they pay money just to view such videos. The world is getting evil and evil by the day and people committing such crimes are getting involved at younger ages.

It's Angry Birds' turn to crush, lolz!
angry bird

It is really alarming to hear news with regards to crush videos existing and some people are avid fans to such. Unbelievable cruelty that some psychologist would compare those animals being tortured and killed are such the same for fetish pleasures in sex.

Really weird and strange but the bottom-line is that it is still a sin and people would do anything to get money out of it. There were reports that such video takings happen in the Philippines were allegedly involve were teenage girls wearing stilettos or high heeled shoes or rubber shoes stepping innocent animals to death.

PAWS or Philippine Animal Welfare Society is an organization that helps save such animals. Under RA 8485 which is the animal welfare act of 1998, people who will get caught of abusing animals will be fined and sue although justice needs to be served on an iron rod and we still don’t have such (criminal case) or yet passed by the law makers to condemn crush videos. I do hope they will come up with such a law to punish people who will be involved in such evil act.

Animals do have the right to live also. They are created by God to help man and not to be abused and killed just for the sake of pleasure or for illegal money. I do hope that most countries would be helping also to stop animal cruelty such as these that spreads like wildfire on the internet. The world will be a better place to live in when we do take care of it and nourish it.

If you know anyone who abuses animals, you can reach out telephone numbers of the nearest animal welfare near you or even report this to authorities. Let’s do help each other to stop such crimes being committed to animals and to our beloved pets.


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