Sunday, November 6, 2011

A need for a new webcam

Our webcam has been used for years and I was not needing much to upgrade such gadget although whenever we use skype to chat online with my folks back home, we do notice that the camera flickers with a lot of white noise background which is very annoying to look at.

cute emoticons

Hubby just ordered online and let's see what it may give us an advantage. I wasn't able to pick up the name of the brand since hubby ordered it online while I was busy attending to baby's need. Anyway hope that the resolution will be just fine as well as the speed of it.

I do feel incomplete and lacking if I don't seem to talk to my family back home. In fact I feel homesick already, probably it is one of the annoying feeling of Postnatal period, arghh! The hormones may have caused me to feel a bit more sad and feeling all alone.

I only grab the courage everyday to God who is always there for me and my family. I have nothing else to turn to during these moments. I am just so thankful everyday for the love of God that He is always protecting and guiding me and my family. Will be posting the picture of the camera soon and together with the specifications, about a review, I will but I will be posting it on my other blog site. Have a happy Sunday today!


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