Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's so Auspicious on 11/11/11?

I remember what my first gynecologist say when I have my very first prenatal check-up, she said I will give birth on Eleven-eleven-eleven, meaning Nov. 11, 2011 which stands for 11/11/11 (month/day/year) which they say is auspicious date.


But what is really so auspicious about this date. What I know is that it has a record of its own, in triplicate form, meaning lucky for most. Anyway, going back to her prediction, it did not happen since I did not give birth on that date but a month earlier.

I really have no regret about giving birth earlier. I just missed the month of my father's birth month which is also in November but I am thankful for what He has done for me and for my family.

Okay, so going back again to Nov. 11, 2011. People are busy thinking what to do on this special day, most pregnant ladies here in India wants to schedule their labor on this day, others like wedding and something special for an occasion, they also want to establish a date and reserve it for this exciting event as they say.

For me, days gone by so fast, God holds the future and what is important is to give to God this day before you start your day, you have to thank God for this day that you are alive and well and He is the one that sustains you and provides all you need.

By the way, I browsed online and found out that there was a movie also of the same given title. Normally, people are so superstitious about dates and they will do anything to make their belief surpass their expectations, be it an ordinary man or a businessman, they treat special dates with something to hold on to. But for us, what is important is to give the best to God on a daily basis of your life, living a life which will please God.


Elvirah said...

Absolutely true, there is nothing like auspicious date and unauspicious date..All days are good days according to Bible and we owe God for keeping us alive and letting us see the sun every day.

Strawberrychocodahi said...

@Elvirsh- very true Elvirah, thanks for dropping by!

aynzan said...

Only God can predict which date is good and bad , for he is the creator and all knowing ..

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