Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saving Money in this Crisis Situation (Part 2)

Practical ways to save:
1.Skip a Movie Date – You can save money if you can just skip on going to movie houses. If you think that you can live with that, then consider watching tv or reading books to alter that hobby.

2.Minimize your dining out- You eat outside you pay also for VAT. Always remember that once in a lifetime you get to enjoy dining out, but in a crisis situation like this, refrain from being vain and glamorous on eating out on those fine dine restaurants.

3.Skip on buying your branded products- Be it a beauty product or what you regularly consume or use, it is still best if you read the labels well. Give local products a chance particularly if the prices are cheaper than your usual branded product. It is up to you if you will do this, but it can help a lot especially if the Price is Right!

4.Impulsive Buying is a No-No- Be sure before you leave the house, you already have a list on what to buy so that you won’t get tempted on the things you will see in the grocery or market. Stick to your budget and buy what is only necessary or important. The things you need is first, the things you want, well forget it at the moment.

5.Be Careful of those Buy-1-Take-1 Promos – If it is not on your grocery list, then don’t. Most buy one take one items is not particularly the thing you need. Some of these buy 1 take 1 promo are cheap but the quality is also the same. It only tempts you to buy and the price range is not what you think it is that you have saved more. Quality comes in first before quantity right.

6.No Shopping for New Clothes/ Shoes - I am not kidding. Do you think that you needed brand new clothes? New shoes? For what? Is there any occasion? If there is well you can at least use your still good to wear clothes and shoes. I can only think of buying new clothes if I am really lacking clothes or there is really a big occasion. But during crisis times and you go around the mall, never ever shop on items which you think is LESS important. Food is necessary and people need to eat, but clothes or shoes, I think not. Kids can also help their parents if they will not be choosy on clothing. What is important is the inner being, not just the outward appearance.

7.Recycle Items/ Products – Yes; recycle things which you think is necessary to be recycled like plastic bottles, magazines and newspapers. You can create a lot of good things in these items aside from keeping them and sell them on junk shops. About food, well practically speaking left over food are to be re-heated and can be eaten again if you think it is still good to eat. Just don’t waste anything.

8.Correct usage of Phone Calls/ Text Messaging- Don’t be a one liner guy if you can send more than 250 characters on that SMS. Saying Hi, then later on you will text message again to ask how someone’s day is really not practical. People should learn how to save money. Send only messages that are important and limit your calls. It is up to you on how much can you save money before reloading again for a new one. Youths these days should remember that their folks earn that money through blood, sweat and tears. They should not burn money by just texting useless messages. Not unless you are already working and you know how hard money is earned.

9.Using Cash more than using your Credit Cards- Credit cards is good when you are paying your bills online. But it is a No-no if you use it on purchasing items online since it is also not that safe. About using your credit cards on malls, well you should know that you pay not only the amount you swipe that card but also you pay for the interest and take note, you also pay extra amount if you miss paying the previous debt. It is much wiser to just pay using cash because you can still save some dough if you do this.

10.Live on your means, don’t envy others who can afford to buy- You saw your neighbor bought a new Flat screen television and you wanted to do the same so that you can be someone who others thought you can afford and boast. Well my dear, the answer is live on the things based on your means. Do not envy others, it is a SIN. You should never compete on someone by just placing yourself in a situation where you borrow money just to pleasure yourself or others. Be simple, live a life which is more pleasing to God. Remember that the love of money is the root of all evil. Money is neutral and should be used according to God’s plan, not just your own plan because it will never succeed.

Being happy in life even if life these days are hard can be attain as long as we are content of what we have. There are so many things to think of saving money, but this will start with you. One golden rule I can share also with you here is that DO NOT BORROW MONEY, not unless your into emergency BUT, there is a BUT there, borrow money which you think you can RETURN BACK. Anyone who borrows money is a slave to the Lender. You will also not prosper if you don’t pay back what you owe to people.


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