Friday, April 8, 2011

Pizza and Pasta Time

I don’t have anything to cook or prepare on my birthday and that is why we went out to dine at Pizza hut and ordered their Fettuccine Creamy Spinach Mushroom. I was really craving for white sauce pasta and I think that it would be lovely to pair it with pizza. Not that impress about the pizza here in India, but at least there is one thing in it that will never be in our own delectable pizza back home, which is SPICY!. Yes, definitely if you order a pizza here, it will be with spice, kinda hot but tolerable and lovely.

Fettuccine in Creamy Spinach and Mushroom Sauce with Garlic Bread
pizza hut 1

I didn’t want to order much since I don’t like to waste food which I am sure my tummy is limited only on what to take. So we ordered in Creamy Spinach Mushroom pasta and Florence Chicken Pizza, extra garlic bread and some Mango delight for drink. That mango drink is combined with passion fruit which I really don’t like the combination, anyway I didn’t order that drink. It was hubby that liked the idea. I am just plainly satisfied with water and that’s it.
We waited for 10minutes before the pasta arrived followed by the pizza. The drinks of course came first but not to let the tummy be full, so we just chat a bit and waited out for the completion of our meal. Once the orders arrived our table, we took pics and dig in for the goodness of the taste which our nose can smell.

Florence Chicken Pizza
pizza hut 2

The fettuccine pasta was just aldente and fine and it was perfect to match the creamy sauce of mushroom and spinach. I really do like to increase my intake of spinach or healthy veggies such as spinach because of my pregnancy. So far so good, I can eat pizza and pasta. But to some foods, I can really feel the bitter taste of my mouth.

I got full already eating half the plate of my pasta so I gave it to hubby to finish. I still wanted to finish my two slices of pizza and there you go, all jam packed inside my tummy. I was really satisfied with what we ordered even if after that, I keep on burping and still can taste what I ate.

Birthday girl enjoying her meal

Well, that is just simple and not so extravagant way of spending my birthday. I don’t have cake for this year but it was just fine since I can have it any other day I want. This day will be just different and I have spent it with my beloved. We went to shop for our food supply after we dine in at Pizza hut. It was still early night but I rested a lot because I don’t need to cook food for dinner because we are already full. But there is one thing that I can comment on what we ordered. It was the garlic bread; it was brownish or toasted as what I don’t like it that way. Even if it was served hot and crispy, I still would prefer if they have put some more garnishing into it like butter and some herbs.


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