Sunday, April 3, 2011

One Enchanted Afternoon (An Enchanted Kingdom Experience)

We did plan that the whole family would enjoy Enchanted Kingdom but as what we know, not all plan succeeds or happens as to what we expected. But I know that there is a purpose why it did happened for a reason. It was a very hot afternoon that day that we visited Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna.

Entrance at the Enchanted Kingdom
Enchanted Kingdom1

It was my second time to visit this place. I was with my friends on my first tour to E.K. but at the 2nd time around, I was already married and I visited this enchanting place with my hubby and my youngest brother. Actually there are so many rides that I like to try but due to a very long queue of kids having their school outing, we weren’t able to ride those that I desire to ride.
To tell you something about Enchanted Kingdom, well you can visit their site and call their number to ask for their latest promo. They have pick up points if ever you wanted to go there and just commute. Their weekday rate is P400.00 pesos while weekend rates are P500.00 per head. But if you’re with a child who’s 36” to 47” in height the rates are P250 (weekdays) and P320 (weekends) and those who are below 35” are considered FREE.

Wristband with stamp.. this is where they stamp for re-entry also...
Enchanted Kingdom3

At that time we visited, their opening is at 11am and closes at 7pm. You can just recheck their schedule because they also announces when they are closed for private functions. They seem to change their opening and closing sessions. Anyway, the only word I can say if you are there is HAVE FUN!

Caution...Decide first before you ride
Enchanted Kingdom2

If you are opt for extreme rides then you can try Space Shuttle Max, Anchors Away, Jungle Log Jam, Flying Fiesta and the latest ride which will separate your soul to your body called EKstreme. By the way EKstreme ride is not included in the regular ride. You need to pay extra P80.00/head on that extreme ride.

Who would want to miss Anchors Away.. well that was me, I chickened out!
Enchanted Kingdom6

If you have kids, then you can go to Boulderville and enjoy the rides such as Air Pterodactyl, Boulder express, Bumbling boulders, Dinosaurus , Stone Eggs and the Grand Carousel which is one of the main attractions and center at Enchanted Kingdom.
Most of the rides that you will enjoy will be the favorite of all is the Rio Grande and prepare to get soaked and wet. It is also a long queue at the Wheel of Fate that time and we missed riding it. The Roller Coaster ride was just a mini ride so it will be a so-so. About the Swan Lake ride, well you need strong knees and legs to pedal that since it is difficult. My folks who are at their prime age would never like to ride such so beware the Seniors not to ride that. Well, as for totality the only ride safe for Senior Citizens would be the Grand Carousel because I don’t consider the rest okay because it is not for poor and fainted hearts.

One of the Most Thrilling Ride at E.K.( Enchanted Kingdom)
Enchanted Kingdom4

If you have brought snacks along with you, chances are you would need to hire a locker because if not, they will confiscate those foodies at the entrance gate. Don’t be sad, there are lots of food kiosks to be found inside. You just need to go to Portabello where you can have great hotdogs there some foods are in the Jungle Outpost where you can find the Nestle Ice Cream Scoop station and Pitamania Shawarma and lots more if you roam the place.

The Enchanted Kingdom Mascott Symbol
Enchanted Kingdom5

The last thing that you need to remind yourself when you are there is to buy something at their gift shops. From souvenirs caps to mugs and t-shirts, you can choose something to remind you how enchanting Enchanted Kingdom was.


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