Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome to the family, Sony Bravia

First and foremost I am not endorsing this product and I am not paid by them. The title may seem to be but it was just a random thought so I just titled it just like that. Our Samsung monitor gave up on us and so we needed to replace anew. I understand that our monitor served us for four long years and it has reached its last.

Hubby didn’t look for just a monitor but instead an LCD tv that we can use since most of the time we use our pc to watch and work at the same time. He did just buy HDMI cable which costs around Rs 700.00 and for the television, it was on EMI which is easier for us to handle.

Our New Sony Bravia LCD TV

This is not a review on the performance of Sony Bravia. I would not say anything about the matter. But just a thought about the product since it has pc input, FM radio built, bass booster with digital noise reduction and you can instantly put your USB stick at the back and watch movie without turning your pc on. But the difference is that when you watch a movie with subtitle (not embedded subs), the subtitle won’t appear on your USB, it can only be seen when it is played on your pc.

Still in a box, took a snap before the guy takes it out

The service man installs the stand of Sony Bravia

The sound is quite okay but we still use our speakers. It is 22” tv and I can say that the quality of the picture is just fine, which speaks equally to its price. It comes with a stand if we wanted to place it in our wall, the service man will put it to where we want. But I told my husband to just keep it on our pc table since the wall of our flat isn’t that great to install such LCD tv and besides, if we transfer into a new place, it can be a hassle to remove it so I better keep that metal wall stand.

Our new tv has a warrantee of one year so I do hope that everything will be just fine. Any tips on how to take care of television? We don’t have screen protectors yet, is it really needed? Does it really prevent radiation? Anyway, welcome to the family Sony Bravia.


Timothy Bowen said...

wow..that's a pretty cool tv

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