Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spell It to Me One More Time

I know back home when you place such an advertisement with wrong spellings you get a lot of criticisms not only from your customers but for passers by. It seems that spelling should always be corrected and they will really remind you to change it.

Well I guess not from here to where I am now. India is a place where there’s a lot of variety, rich in culture and diversion and people you meet just don’t mind if your grammar is correct or even your spelling, why? Well it’s because not all people here can understand English.

Who wants some Straightening and Hair highlighting here?!!How about that laser cut, wow!

Sometimes I go to a local store and there I would try to speak simple English, I still needed to use some sign language. Wait a minute, I am not saying they are deaf, what I mean is for example I wanted to buy eggs, I would say can I buy two eggs, then the vendor would not understand, jaws are dropped, eyes looked bigger and will speak back to you in their local language.

Who wants to jog with me in this Park?

In short, we cannot understand each other, so what I do is I would point out the egg that I wanted to buy or signal them what I want. Now with regards to spelling, even if the restaurant looks big and elegant if the spellings in their banner or ads are wrong, they would never change it, nobody cares to correct and even if you tell them, they won’t mind it at all.

I don't know is this Italiano? Ristorante?

I had some time taking pictures of the so called spelling blunders and I will still try to find my other photos in the closet called files. I did travel from places and try to capture some of these and please people, this is just for a representation of my topic and not to humiliate a race since I am not a racist and never will be.

I don’t have any intentions to ridicule their establishments or so since I have no means of being misinterpreted here. Besides, their signs have been OUTSIDE the public for ages so they won’t mind me if I shared it here I guess. We can have some fun time as we go our way and this was just another moment or quest for spelling hunt nothing more and nothing less. Hope to add more in the future, so sit back, relax and enjoy life because it is indeed beautiful.


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