Monday, January 10, 2011

Missing out Shakeys Restaurant

Shakeys has been my family's favorite pizza restaurant. I do like everything on their menu from their salad, pizzas, pastas, sundae and beverages. In the Philippines where almost all foreign restaurants are available, I would never swap the opportunity to dine out at Shakeys since I do like Italian dishes.
I like the feeling of dining out together with my family and I do hope that God will give us a chance to do it again and visit Shakeys and treat my family. Sad to say that there is no Shakeys Restaurant available in Mumbai India so the only thing I am waiting for is a chance to eat such good food when we take our vacation back in the country.
This was taken year 2009 at SM Mall of Asia

I am also looking forward to visit a lot of places like amusement parks and other restaurants in the Philippines. If there is one dish offered in Shakeys that I really wanted to go back to, that will be their Hawaiian Delight which is in thick crust and I also favored their family meals and combos which is the Bunch of Lunch which is really affordable.


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