Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cute Kitties

I miss my cats back home. Before I left my country, I was able to see how our female cat gave birth to her young ones. I am sure that they are now big although the bad news was, some of those kitties didn't make it, they died. Anyway I just wanted to post some of the cute kitty pics here which I took when our mother cat gave birth to five cute kittens.
Most of the kitties were orange-brown color and only one has a three color tone (white,black,orange). I also like to see how our naughty male cat is. We call him Brando and he likes to play around with his siblings.

Mother Cat with her cute Kitties
mother cat1

We do feed our cats dry food and some canned food for the younger ones. It is much cheaper if you buy your pets food at a local market since it is in retail price. We do like to give our cats Whiskas and Friskies. They simply like Ocean Fish Tuna and sometimes we give them an alternative to it which is Chicken or Salmon flavored pellets.

Miming feeding her young kittens
mother cat2

Even if our Miming is already with age, she is still a loving mother to Brando who is already grown old. Brando also like to play catch-me-if-you-can with her mother. They simply cannot resists boxes and if they have found one, they like to go inside it and play. They usually like to scratch off our carpet. For now, we don't have a scratcher for them. It was expensive to buy so the only thing they can scratch was the door mat near the door.

Brando our orange tabby cat Yawning
yawning cat

Brando always gets himself to a fight with other male cats around. While our female cat gets a lot of attention to other cats around. Cats for me are easier to maintain than dogs, just my two cents. The only thing that worried us was when both of our cats got affected by a bad cold. It has been two weeks that they endure that annoying cold. We just gave them some medications and it did work well with them. Cats have been in our family for many years. Both of my parents like to keep cats since our place is not that big to keep dogs. I also like to pet a dog, but to certain reasons, we cannot at the moment.

cute emoticons


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